Objective slider


The 2-time objective slider allows a fast changing between two different
objectives. So it is possible to work with different objectives and
different focal length and to change between them. Loosing time through
extended focussing can be avoided.

The solid yet compact shape of the slider fits well to the microscope. The M60x1.0 threads fit all Leica M50 / M60 / M80, Leica DMS 1000 and some Leica SOM-Microscopes without any adapters. Using objective adapters it can be fitted to even more objectives.


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Artikel Nr.
Objective slider for 2 objectives Leica
Enables instant switching between 2 objectives
1 x integrated male M60 scope mount thread
2 x integrated female M60 objective mount threads
Locating home stops for each objective pos
Objective slider for 2 objectives M60x1


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