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Opto produces compact plug&play digital microscopes 



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The new Imaging Module profile M is available with a uniquely compact X-Y-Z phi stage that facilitates positioning of the Life Science & Medical specimen. A pure digital microscope as a plug and play solution...

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Application of the month

Biomed Imaging - We automate Microscopy for High throughput Analysis functionality in biomed machinery. Multifluorescence, ultra compact digital microscopes and vision sensors.

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Opto Daily Post 12-09-2023

‘social media’ post

12.09.2023 - The countdown is on - in just over 4 weeks, µTAS will open its doors in Katowice / Poland. Be excited, we have so many new things for the life science sector. Save the day and be there. Save the day and be there.

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Imaging Modules

Opto Imaging Modules bring an unprecedented level of user-friendly and easy-to-integrate imaging performance to any production environment - from measuring machines to inspection systems to bio-imaging instruments.

Imaging Modules are vision sensors with integrated camera, optics, illumination and electronics, as well as a free OptoViewer for quick setup.

With image fields of 20x20mm and smaller and a resolution of up to 170nm/pixel, Imaging Modules are perfect for laboratory process automation. 

The perfect Image Information “Plug & Play”

IM•linea M

Linear straight arrangement of camera - optics - lighting


IM•compact M

Angled 90° orientation for compact or inverse installation


IM•profile M

U-profile shape as digital microscope with transmitted light or as profile generator



solino® IMs digitise the visual appearance of objects



Opto own SW solutions for Image DATA Management and Computational Imaging


Control and measurement software for our imaging modules

Opto Viewer

Applications Software

Free image processing plug-ins solve special tasks

Applications Software

Software Services

Opto programmes plug-and-play solutions for OEM integration of IM

Software Service


solino® is Opto's own SW for Computational Imaging



Special imaging modules for the "Test and Measurement" and "Life Science & Medical" markets

Test & Measurement

Imaging modules and image analysis SW for automated quality control

Test / Measurement


Life Science & Medical

We supply digital microscopes and SW for the automation of laboratory processes

Medical & Life Science



We develop and produce customised Imaging Modules and Software

OEM Imaging Modules

Customised and modified imaging modules for you for machine integration

OEM Imaging Modules

Fluoresc. Microscopes

Automated single and multifluorescence microscopes for analysis systems

Fluorescence Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes

We develop special stereo microscopes with laser coupling or multiple cameras, among other things

Stereo Microscopy

Application Microscopes

Image analysis systems and complete microscopes "Made in Germany

Application Microscopes


  Opto ist ISO-Zertifiziert                                                                                                           Find our products on     and   

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