solino Technology


solino is based on computational methods to add immediately values to your process and product Quality Control.

We provide tools to build a sustainable visual inspection strategy. 

We consider surface appearance as a combination of
light and three production parameters such as :

- Material

- Shape and

- Hue.

The collected visual sensation is the perceived color as the result of light and surface interaction.

The lighting is one known parameter of hardware, similar as camera sensor.

We can define a relative quality rule dependent on the hardware, but oriented on human perception.

The goal is to achieve an automated visual inspection system with explainable elements, to be in line with your quality standards.

In most of the cases, these are your experts who know the real level of quality requirements.

Question : How to transfer knowledges from human to machine, like active learning from machine to machine ?

Answer : We provide digital tools to do it, to iterate between you and the hardware, to achieve your visual QC line.

solino digitizes the visual appearance of objects


solino works towards a digital transformation and digitizes the visual appearance of objects.

The visual appearance of objects is given by the way in which they reflect and transmit light.

The color of objects is determined by the parts of the (incident white) light spectrum that is reflected or transmitted without being absorbed.

Appearance attributes are based on the directional distribution of reflected light (BRDF – Bidirectional reflectance distribution function), that is the computational decomposed measurement by solino.

Appearance could be described by attributes like Matte versus Glossy.


- Does not reflect light and has less shiny

- Softer images and colors with greater tonal range

- Soft and smooth to the touch


- Highly reflective for a bright shine

- More vibrant, saturated colors and highlights details

- A shiny, wet look that makes for a striking finish

solino analyses the stray response

solino is a disruptive Technology

that can add significant value
to the qualification of any quality control procedure

solino is a way of interpreting image data

in analyzing its stray response
instead of the image itself

The stray behavior is based on the surface structure and is the ideal digital footprint of a product because it hase stored in its information

- Geometrical data

- Color

- Weaviness

- Super resolution effect

- Anomalies 

- ...........

Photometric Stereo Image Aquisition

The more different light conditions are realized the better.

First stunning results come even with four LED positions to highlight perfectly the to be defined Anomalies.

Photometric Stereo describes the Aqusistion with Images taken from different angles of illumination.

solino correlats the light positions

Based on calibrated illumination angles and Intensity profiles the solino Algorithm is detecting all Anomalies of the surface.

Key is not the type, intensity and amount or homogenety of the used Light source.

The correlation of Image Aquisition to the Light Identity is the major part where we have designed special tools to calibrate the system to deliver better results.

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