Stereo Microscopes

Opto has 40 years of microscopy experience in the development of special stereo microscope solutions and accessories for and with Leica, Zeiss, Nikon and Olympus. Here are a few examples.

You want to integrate special functionalities into your stereo path or special laser sources, multiple cameras or other functionalities? Ask us - most likely we already have a solution for you.

Just ask us. 



Refractive eye surgery laser beam delivery

  • Complete optomechanical module integrated into LASIK eye surgeryLaser Systems.
  • Complete optomechanical module integrated into laser eye surgery machinery 
  • Performs delivery of the surgical laser beam into eye, whilst simultaneously providing safe live stereo viewing by the surgeon
  • Surgeon binocular coaxial to excimer surgical beam 
  • Stereo beams separated to enable perfect distortion-free, on-axis laser integration 
  • Seamless mechanical & electronic machine intention
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