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Customised Imaging Modules and Software

As a contract manufacturer with our own production facilities, we develop and produce imaging modules and special microscopes for machine manufacturers in industry and biomedicine.

Our solutions are platform-based, equipped with the latest technologies and manufactured according to the latest manufacturing standards. 

We distinguish between five different platforms:

1. Machine Vision Microscopes

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Our imaging modules focus on image fields smaller than 10x10mm.

They are compact plug&play imaging modules that we offer as standard solutions as well as customised for machine manufacturers or product manufacturers. These are digital microscopes with the character of 'vision sensors', perfectly suited for image processing solutions or AI applications.

We will be happy to support you with the design and connection to your infrastructure.

2. Bioscreening Solutions

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In the life science and medical markets, the Opto Imaging modules are ideally suited to automate imaging diagnostics.

We distinguish between three different types of solutions:

- Flow modules (microfluidic, flow cythometry) where the analysis is performed by evaluating experiments on microfluidic chips.

- Chip modules (multi-fluorescence, single-cell analysis) where single cells or anomalies have to be scanned with high precision on a fixed chip at high magnification (20x on chip).

- Well modules (high-throughput screening) in which well plates of different sizes have to be scanned as quickly as possible, usually in transmitted light and in an inverse set-up.

3. Opto's own software architecture Fortress

Fortress is Opto's own software development platform from which we derive our software solutions - after more than 20 years of development work, many algorithms, drivers and SDKs are mature. They are gradually finding their way into our own plug-ins and customer applications:

- OptoViewer 2.0 is the Opto standard operating and measurement software for our IM family.

- OptoViewer plug-ins are developed for individual niche applications, turning each module into a vision sensor and thus adding value to each IM even after purchase

- Customised GUI or image processing solutions

4. solino® technology for automatic display of surface anomalies in the image

solino™ is Opto's own computational imaging solution for tasks in:

- Predictive maintenance

- quality control

- process assurance

- product classification

- Image-based AI solutions

For local spot checks or development work as well as for integration into a manufacturing environment, we have developed the IM-solino 10x12. With its image field of 10mmx12mm it is perfectly designed for detailed anomaly detection in the micrometer range.

For integration into customer-specific tasks or the development of own products around our solino™ solution, we also offer pure software support or a licence model.

5. Automation of microscopy solutions

The request to integrate imaging modules into defined motion sequences is regularly made by OEM customers. Typical tasks are

- digital magnification adjustment

- various autofocus solutions

- precise and fast micro/nano X-Y positioning

- designs of motorised high-speed fluorescence filter wheels

- solutions for motorised lens changers

- Development of custom GUI and image processing solutions

We have been supplying these solutions to global companies for 40 years and they are thus integrated into hundreds of machines.

Together with our own specific controllers, we have many drivers and software interfaces to quickly integrate the solutions into your application and logistics.

In addition to hardware automation, we also offer software support at all levels of automation - all from a single source.

We develop and produce customised Imaging Modules and Software

OEM Imaging Modules

Custom branded and modified Imaging Modules for your Machinery

OEM Imaging Modules

Fluoresc. Microscopes

Automated single and multifluorescence microscopes for analysis systems

Fluorescence Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes

We develop special stereo microscopes with laser coupling or multiple cameras, among other things.

Stereo Microscopy

Application Microscopes

Image analysis systems and complete microscopes "Made in Germany"

Application Microscopes

Would you like to know more about our products and would you like advice or a price/quotation?

Send us an email at and we will be happy to help you.

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