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April 2017

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the April issue of our redesigned Opto newsletter. We're excited to be launching many new innovations this year, and would like to invite you see some of our first new products at the Control Show 2017 in Hall 4 (Booth 109)

Your Opto Team

Industry 4.0

This second quarter of 2017 sees the first of many new Opto solutions geared towards Industry 4.0. In the coming months, OptoGroup will be unveiling a series of groundbreaking new products dedicated to smart production, process analysis, micro robotics and quality control under our new business groups Optics - Imaging - Automation

Imaging Module

Increase your efficiency and digitize your optical quality control with our new imaging modules. For the first time, we are showing the new PANO imaging module. This smart, compact imaging module generates continuous high-resolution, digital image data, and fuses it into a large high resolution image with a unique image stitching algorithm - ideal for large fields of view where high resolution image data is critical.

Cleanalyzer Professional

2017 sees the launch of a brand new higher-resolution Cleanalyzer, enabling even faster recognition and analysis of μm particles within cleanliness inspection applications. This unique system remains at the forefront of professional and standardized particle analysis according to ISO16232.

CylinderInspector 2D [Neu]


The new CylinderInspector HD Imaging Optics with its multi-function illumination upgrade enables perfect, complex surface imaging and analysis of highly structured, sputtered and plasma surfaces in automobile cylinders.

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PROFILE Imaging Module

A brand new high-precision measuring module for automatic quality control of high-precision micro components has recently been launched by robSwiss, a subsidiary of OptoGroup. In combination with the PROFILE 1.0x Imaging Module, telecentric profile measurements with μm accuracy are now also possible.

Imaging Module Profil
Kalibrierplatte V1 klein
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Calibration Target Micro V1

A large number of useful micrometry features are integrated into Opto's new micro-calibration plate, including a unique 1000 LP / mm resolution matrix.

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Dualoptic 5x / 1.25x Coax

Our new Dualoptic enables a simultaneous overview and a detailed view of your object, from a highly compact, high resolution optic. With a maximum resolution of 1µm / pixel at a working distance of 31mm, the Dualoptic is the perfect solution for inspecting flat and shiny surface objects with complex microstructures. It substitutes every zoom objective with similar magnifications with the benefit of instantaneous images and no moving parts.


Microscope Accessories

Manual, efficient and ergonomic: Opto GmbH is launching a unique range of stands solutions and microscope accessories for Leica, Nikon, Zeiss and Olympus microscopes, making it easier and more flexible to work with microscopes. Our new Microscope carrier with integrated ring light and 5/8 "interface is a great example of a high performance accessory with a great price. A revised version of our popular Mobile Floor Stand for manual and flexible surface and component inspection is also now available

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