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Imaging Modules and KI


Optical sensors for automatic evaluation of product quality


Articles in the inspect 6/2019

Published in November 2019


Article as PDF (German)

When the microscope comes to the object


Digital microscopes for image processing 


Articles in the inspect 3/2019

Published in June 2019

Article as PDF (German)

English translation (Text only)

Individual signature


Standardized optical evaluation of surfaces using algorithms   

Articles in the inVISION 

Published in April 2019

Article as PDF (German)

Report about DualStation installation in Doha

LinkedIn 14 February 2019

DualStation embryo imaging microscope debuts at the $8Bn Sidra Medicine Womens Hospital, Doha


Published on 14 February 2019 

Martin Price

Group Commercial Director at OptoGroupGmbH & Co. KG


case study

Reflection analysis

inVISION 5/2018

solino® - article in der inVISION 5/2018

Published in October 2018

Winner of the InVISION Innovation award 2019         

 Article as PDF (German)

Custom-made solution

inVISION 2/2018

Imaging Module - article in inVISION 2/2018

Published in April 2018

Article as PDF (German)

When every micrometer counts

Kalibriertarget - article in inVISION 5/2017 

Published in October 2017

Article as PDF (German)

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