Inspection according to ISO 16232 and VDA Bd. 19.

For decades, our CylinderInspector has been a standardized measuring instrument for checking and analyzing roughness parameters of cylinder inner walls.  

The Cleanalyzer provides standardized measurement protocols according to the current standards for residual dirt analysis.

Many customers make use of our portfolio of standardized lenses and tripod solutions to realize their own measurement setups.



Stereo - oblique viewing microscope

This adapter for stereo microscopes allows oblique viewing of objects to be inspected. Under a freely selectable viewing angle of up to 60°, the objects can be viewed obliquely all around (360°). 

3D-Stereo Inspection Systems 

Based on our granite tripod, this inspection system was equipped with an ergonomic 3D stereomicroscope and a rotating tilting table. 

Split Field Optics

Double C mount optics for post bond inspection of semiconductor components.


3D-Stereo Inspektionssystem




Optical quality assurance in photovoltaics

In addition to high-resolution inspection in the visible range, we have extended our image acquisition in the NIR (900nm-1700nm). This enables a pre-classification of interesting areas by means of electroluminescence in order to examine them afterwards in detail and microscopically.

Zwischenbild - Halbleiter


Portable Microscope

One example is our portable measuring microscope.

With its ergonomic carrying handles, this portable measuring microscope can be used for a wide range of surface inspections. It can be extended with a touch probe for non-contact measurement of thicknesses up to 2mm.

Zwischenbild - Tragbar

Imaging Module PANO 5x Coax

Imaging Module - PANO

High resolution ‘panoramic’ stitching technology

For certain inspection applications it may be advantageous to have higher resolution information over a large field of view. This is often a challenge due to the limitations of the optical system.

The Opto PANO module solves this problem and is designed to combine a matrix of high magnification images into a single high-resolution image, allowing a high-resolution "macro" image of the sample to be created without using complicated zoom optics.

The Opto PANO module is particularly suitable for crimp analysis and the analysis of microstructures.

  • - Ideal for flat, reflective surfaces with microstructure detail 
  • - Perfect for micrographic and crimp testing applications 
  • - Can generate 100Mpx image with a resolution of 1μm / Pixel 
  • - Designed for system and OEM integration with API & DLL available!

Example of 'panoramic' stitching technology

PANO sw-Bild

product view

Original size on screen

Here you can see a micro gear with an original size of 4 mm in diameter. The image is 250 MB in size and shows a resolution of less than 1µm. This represents a 266 MegaPixel image so to speak.

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