Telecentric Bench

Test Bench

The combination of a Bi-telecentric lens and a collimated telecentric illuminator ensures optimised resolution and perfect image quality. 

The optimum utilisation of the entire 17mm depth of field of guarantees perfect measurement of round objects such as springs, screws, bottles.   Transmitted light configuration allows high speed image acquisition Standard aluminium profile construction enables easy machine integration Can be used in horizontal or vertical orientation

The Features for easy measurement 

Optimized for 1 1/8“ and 2/3“ C-Mount Cameras
FoV with a 2/3“ camera 42x32mm (52mm Image circle)
Resolution 45% @ 70LP/mm
Field Depth +/-8mm
Telecentricity 0,08
F-No.: F8
Distortion 0,08 

All featuring:   

• Integrated 0,2x Bi-Telecentric Objective lens
• Telecentric illuminator (Red, Blue, White)
    ‘M12´ type power cable (1m)
    Input Voltage 24V DC
    Forward Current 700mA
    On/OFF Time 300ys
    Maximum trigger Frequency 300Hz
• Manufactured from standard aluminium profile enabling simple integration
• Complete unit can be vertically or horizontally oriented
• Column length: 550mm
• Target Holder carriage for horizontal and vertical position 
• Pre adjusted for precise measurements
• Every unit fully tested




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