Machine Vision Microscope

Digital Microscope

Machine Vision Microscope

Machine Vision Microscope

The new "Machine Vision Microscope" (MVM) is a purely digital microscope with all the features that make a microscope.

It has an apochromatically highly corrected microscope objective and a corresponding tube lens which magnifies each object point to a pixel of the 5MP Sony IMX264 sensor. 

In addition, a coaxial incident light illumination as well as a diffuse ring light were installed. 

The module offers an unprecedented level of usability. They come with their own image acquisition software, so they can be easily integrated into any network, system or production environment. The new digital microscope can therefore be easily integrated into measuring instruments, analysis systems or bio-imaging systems.

FOV Micro Measurement Microscope 4.0

Micro Measurement Microscope with foldable stand

The new ultra-compact digital Micro Measurement Microscope from Opto is the perfect tool for on-site measurements in production.

The Machine Vision Microscope professionally digitizes quality where it counts.

The sensor setup is robust, plug-and-play, easy to use, and with a high-end optic and camera integrated.

With the built-in LED coaxial illumination and ring light all types of features on a product can be visualized, similar a traditional Metallurgical Microscope.

With a measurement resolution of 1,8 Microns per Pixel it allows to analyze smallest details.

The free OptoViewer software presents crosshairs, allows documentation, and basic measurements, whereas the market leading Measurement Software M3 from Metlogix makes it a High-End Measurement device with proven functionality.



functional principle - Machine Vision Microscope

The MVM is part of the new Imaging Module family in the 90° IM•compact M design and sturdy aluminum housing, with a single connection (Plug&Play).

Imaging modules are optimized combinations of camera, optics, illumination and electronics for a specific application at the same or lower price than a combination of standard components.

They are not only more robust and better adapted to the application, but also ensure the same configuration when re-ordered.


A coaxial incident light illumination and a diffuse ringlight were installed in this module.


                    IM-compact M with Coaxial + ring light LED

Darkfield | Ringlight LED Darkfield | Ringlight LED
Brightfield | Coaxial LED Brightfield | Coaxial LED

Both lights are controlled and powered via the USB 3.1 port of the integrated camera. A specially developed control electronics allows alternating operation of the two light sources. 

The interaction of a highly sensitive sensor and very efficient LEDs with a powerful optical system allows this compact combination. 

Example for coaxial and ring light LED:     

Brightfield / Coaxial LED

Darkfield / Ringlight LED

Opto Viewer

Opto Viewer

A very intuitive measurement and labeling software is integrated for stand alone applications as well as a comprehensive camera control for demanding integration tasks. Since each module is unchangeable in magnification, it is pre-calibrated at the factory and the settings are stored in its own electronics, so that measurements can be taken immediately.  


Each imaging module is delivered with our software 'Opto Viewer' on request. The software is a Windows-based standard software.  An imaging module with USB-C can be connected to a PC without much configuration effort. <plug & play>




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