Solino Separator

Surface analysis for tiny defects on large objects -

Coins and watches

solino® from Opto

solino® Soltware from Opto visualizes ALL ANOMALIES including scratches, holes, waviness and other surface defects in one single high definition image. Depending on the module version, solino works on ALL SURFACE TYPES.

solino analyses the visual appearance of surfaces (Texture, Structure, Waviness) based on proprietary ‘Reflectance Imaging Technology’. Using varying lighting conditions, solino processes the reflection behavior for each object point whilst significantly increasing the lateral resolution of detectable object failure modes.

solino reveals μm resolution surface phenomena from macroscopic images.

Dental implants

Combining standard image analysis and deep learning. With statistical big data analysis, solino is the perfect tool to guarantee repeatability inside Industry 4.0 Quality control processes.

solino is able to detect a scratch having a width of 0,5 μm and a depth of 30 nm on a sample size of 150x150 mm – a performance that would typically demand 90 Giga Pixel Camera resolution!

At the present time, solino is an enabling technology that is delivered and embedded inside complete systems. Discussions around various Imaging Module configurations for Integrators and machine builders are in progress.

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Leather structures
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