We will continue to be in service for you, no matter how difficult times are. 

Due to the dynamic developments regarding the Corona COVID-19 topic, Opto has switched to "Prevent mode" as a precaution. Our aim is to ensure a largely undisturbed workflow for customers and suppliers for as long as possible. For this reason, Opto has sent many employees to the home office or separated the remaining ones. In this way, all Opto contact persons for customers, suppliers and other business partners can be reached by telephone and email in every situation. This also reduces the risk of downtime and ensures a continuous flow of work in the best possible way in order to be able to fulfill orders on time and properly. Should there be delays in one or the other area in the near future due to this shift, we ask for your understanding, as this mode is also a first for us. However, we are convinced that we have found the best compromise for you and for us in terms of availability, delivery capability, performance and risk assessment. 

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