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Microscopy and automation solutions in biomedicine

Opto already offers transmitted light microscopes for droplet-based microfluidics, automated multifluorescence microscopes for cell analysis, inverted autofocus microscopes for motion analysis of growth processes and high-throughput fluorescence microscopes for DNA and RNA sequencing.

Miniaturised optical imaging modules from Opto can be found inside the machines of world market leaders in a wide variety of high techology applications including remote automated bacterial fluorescence microscopy, time-lapse high throughput cell processing, high throughput automated blood screening with fluorescence, DNA and RNA sequencing, intra ocular lens replacement surgical instrumentation.

Droplet based Microfluidics

Droplet Based Microfluidic Video Mockup img

with the Opto digital inverse microscope profile M


  • Screening, quality control & assurance
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Rare molecule detection and gene expression detection
  • Pathogen detection


  • Imaging Module profile M with integrated transmission illumination
  • Plug and Play monochrome colour version or USB 3.0 / GigE available
  • Easy to use and free OptoViewer 2.0 software
  • Plug Ins available and direct measurement without calibration

Advantage for customer:

  • Pure all in one digital microscope with open software architecture
  • Nano / pixel Resolution with large FoV, high contrast and color stability
  • Repeatability of Image
  • Ultra compact design for easy machine integration

Application note (one page) 

Application note (four pages) 

Droplet based microfluidics Video ansehen Droplet based microfluidic



Laboratory workstations for continuous, photo-documented sample tracking across all preparation steps of pathological specimens (tumor tissue, skin, and bone biopsies). 

Märkte - medical


CellScope for the analysis of cells

Minimized, ultra-compact microscope with special illumination method for the observation of living cells in a sterile environment with automated function and image evaluation.




Over 3 years in development, the Opto DualStation combines all the imaging techniques and magnifications typically used in IVF labs and condenses them into a single, small, affordable instrument that can be seamlessly housed in the new generation of fully enclosed microscope chambers.

case study



Schwind manufactures devices for the treatment of corneal refractive errors using the LASIK procedure (laser in situ keratomileusis). For a new generation of devices, Opto developed a stereo operation microscope that allows the doctor to visually check the operation and simultaneously couples the UV spectrum of the excimer laser used in a controlled manner.



Pharmaceutical screening is an automated method for testing and analyzing biochemical, genetic or pharmacological substances. The method can filter out defined elements from one or more coordinated runs from the corresponding test area. Affordable High Throughput screening.

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