We have a long history in building and adapting equipment to Leica microscopes. From mechanical adpters to optical extensions, from protective equipment to add-on funticonality.

We develop functional extensions ranging from purely mechanical solutions like stands and adapters to protective glass holders through to optical solutions like gap tubes, or our oblique and direct view modules.

If you have a special requirement or application, simply contact us. We will do our best to help you.



Dummy 720x360


Leica accessories

Objective Adapters

Granite Stand

Objective Slider

For Leica microscopes we have lens adapters for different threads in the portfolio.


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M50x1 Adapter

Three dimensional objects often benefit from a specific angle of view in order to reveal key details.

With our Tilting Stand, it is possible to position your microscope securely at an angle or to tilt and fix your samples at the desired positions.


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Granitstativ 2

The 2-time objective slider allows a fast changing between two different objectives. So it is possible to work with different objectives and different focal length and to change between them.



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