Selected imaging and microscopy components for machine and product manufacturers. Telecentric, zoom and high resolution Fixobjektive for applications from machine vision and photonics and tripod solutions and positioning for the construction of adapted inspection systems.

Machine Vision

For system integrators we offer a selection of objectives for demanding measuring tasks. In addition to standard optics, we also offer customer-specific modules for integration into machines. The standard range includes telecentric lenses, motorized zoom lenses and high-resolution fix lenses for applications from industrial image processing and photonics.

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Zoom Lenses

Telecentric Lenses

Mega Pixel Macro Lenses

Our unique square design enables easy and versatile mounting options with customisable, built-in threads incorporated into the design, as  well as a robust locking mechanism to fix magnification as required. The high-end optical design and the compact mechanics of these zooms make them the first choice for highly specified applications requiring reliable zooming at a reasonable price.

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Opto telecentric lenses have been developed for high-precision measurement applications in machine vision. The advantage of these high-quality optics lies in their dual-sided telecentric imaging function (i.e. bi-telecentric function). Due to the object-sided telecentricity being spatially extended, three-dimensional objects are imaged with zero error perspective. Due to image sided telecentricity, the system is far less reliant on the mechanical tolerances of the
camera, and exhibits a far more uniform projection onto the camera chip with zero vignetting.

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This family of macro lenses is designed to image small objects at very high image resolution and virtually zero distortion. These lenses are typically used for dimensional measurements of mechanical parts, electronic components and board inspection. They are used in printing,
microbiology, forensic, and video microscopy applications.

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Mega Pixel

Microscopes / Accessories

We optimize and supplement microscopes in coordination with the respective manufacturer to enable new superstructures and demanding inspection tasks. With our tripod solutions and positioning tables, as well as adapters and focussing devices, special solutions can be easily established. Oblique vision accessories and extension tubes extend the optical possibilities of the standard products from Nikon, Leica, Zeiss or Olympus.

"Microscopes Accessories" catalog for download

standard assortment


We have the right tripods for every need, from mobile floor stands, to stationary for a complete work surface, to solutions for very precise measurements.



Test Targets allow the calibration of measurement functions in microscopes through objects in different forms and sizes of an optical system measured in Line Pairs / mm.



Depending on your requirements, you can also get the right lighting from the homogenous sports lighting, a double-spot LED lighting, to our modern LED ring lights.


Jointed Coupler

The jointed couplers are always a reliable attachment for your accessories. Precise assembly and alignment of components is guaranteed.

Jointed Coupler

Oblique Viewing

Ergonomic working with a quick and easy 360° inspection.
This is possible with our tilting table or the oblique panoramic view module.

Oblique viewing

Manual Stages

For control and inspection of large and flat samples we can recommend our measuring stages, as well as our sliding or sliding stages as a great help.

Manual Stages


Maintain the optical products with our cleaning kits.
Do you need a suitable software product.
Here you will find something.


Accessories for Leica microscopes

designed for Leica

We have a long history of experience in manufacturing and adapting accessories for Leica microscopes.

From purely mechanical solutions, such as tripods and adapters, to optical systems such as the discharge tubes or our slanting and monitoring module, to the protective glass holder - we are developing functional expansions.

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