VAL Validation

Validation of the learning rules (VAL Validation and Learning)

For every Product you have Standards (Internal & External) that define the Specification.

Quality Control means to define critical Specs that needed a comparison anginst the Standard with existing Measurment methods. That means only where you have a Measurement tool (normally not only one) you can check the quality.

As a result, what you can`t measure can`t define a quality aspect. That also means that it is quite illosorical to measure all what we as humans define as Quality.

The solino EPF data set is close to have stored most of the aspect we consider to define OK/NOK for a product.

To finally correlate both worlds VAL is checking if we have trained the EPF DATA with the right information. Not more not less.

Corellating results against Standards

solino VAL is a tool to easily present Image Informations in a form to classify them and give them an identification score.

Comparing Results

solino SNAP compares images in an esy and intuitive way for further classification

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