solino EPF

(Extraction of Particular Features)

EPF is a software solution to compute (particular) features from one image, as a dataset, taking into account the consistency of pixels, from texture or statistical values. 

- The texture consistency drives to unique signature of an image and is the signature of a surface.

- With image processing, we alocate regions of texture, and each texture has a unique data description.

- A specific combination of regions gives a unique combination of texture, and also a unique digital signature.

- For quality control needs, EPF provides feature sets to explore image content as a surface description, to find correlations with input images in describing the overall quality.

- With this info you can drive a production easily and/or identify product clusters to reveal production behaviors as accidents.

- It is also possible to identify changes in production parameters only from the visual aspects out of the EPF DATA. 

EPF Data Set

The Magic behind solino is the huge solino EPF DATA set

That includes ALL Product information (Size / Hue / Color / Anomalies / …)

This product Key is a pure 01011000 / 01100010 Information

- Slider image manager with one widget per image

- Solino digital vector editor on one or a batch of images (as a table or text file)

- Possibility of batch processing

- Fixed list of output characteristics

EPF Data Selection

The solino Algorithm is able to filter the EPF Data with many possible criterias to extract directly:

-Shape (X-Y Position)

-Hight / Roughness

- Color

- Defects

- Other Anomalies

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