DEC Decision Making

Threshold setting for OK/NOK decision making (DEC Decision Making)

The QC could be driven by humans and potentially powered by AI, with explainable image processing for learning of quality behavior and ready to be a reference usable for production management. It could be interesting to be link with data science approach.


Deep Learning and AI

To create an AI solutions it is always important to work closely with the customer to learn and interprete the products to be analysed. So working AI solutions are always project based.

That is why opto uses existing Software Packages from partner companies in its own solino Interface design to set up CNN and Deep Learning.

Opto wants to cooperate with Companies to make solino their AI tool for

Predictive Maintenance

Quality Inspection and Assurance

Manufacturing Process Automation

Here some preferred partners:

OK / NOK Decision making

This is the most critical Moment in the design of an AI system.

It is time to let the machine make changes in the process.

This is the merge where we only can assist and guide.

This is complete Project driven.

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