solino COP

COP (Classification Of Products)

solino COP is a software solution to execute a first quality survey with the goal to digitize the customer product knowledge with a user-friendly interface.

solino COP is available in differnt levels, depending on the automation degree of use and quality of statistic that it should provide.

To create an AI solution it is critical to correlate in a later stage the product data with the customer Know How about the product. COP is the tool to do this in a strucured way to then be able to do the DATA merge easier and more reiliable.

COP interface

- Identification interface

- Slider image manager with one widget per image

- Digital form for recording quality classification of products

- Response list mode on 4 classes only

- Colormap selection available for visualizing image

COP labeling

- Identification interface

- Survey Manager

- Individualized survey settings

- Digital form for recording the quality judgments of a set of products

- One-by-One response mode on your class and dictionary of anomalies

COP statistics

- Response mode List on class voting and dictionary of zones and anomalies

- Statistics and product quality scores

- Operator statistics and quality scores

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