AQI solino Image Aquisition

solino is based on images with a direct correlation of the light sources to the Camera.

That means solino works principally with every image.

The more Info about:

- The type of source

- The position and Collimation

- The distance and color

the better we can feed the solino Algorithm and the better the Anomalie detection is getting.

AQI solino Image Aquisition

Photometric Stereo Image Aquisition

The more different light conditions are realized the better.

First stunning results come even with four LED positions to highlight perfectly the to be defined Anomalies.

Photometric Stereo describes the Aqusistion with Images taken from different angles of illumination.


solino Job Modules

We are working on own application dedicated solino Job Modules that are designedd specific for an application.

As our Hardware speciality is up to a FoV of 50x50mm these solutions will cover mainly this area and are deisgnedd more towards Microscopy Applications.

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