IM•solino 10x12 (sensor anomalies)

The Opto solino™ Imaging Module is a complete computational imaging vision sensor that uses Opto's own solino® technology to display object anomalies as an image for further digital or statistical processing. 

With a 10x12mm field of view, it is perfect for:

  • forensic investigations
  • Quality assurance on stray surfaces
  • Anomaly detection for 100% control
  • many more tasks

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IM-solino® 10x12 (QA-Sensor)


The display of object anomalies as images enables unprecedented security in the detection of surface defects during quality control.

solino enables:

  • Optimal representation of defects on weakly reflective surfaces (black on black, plastics, etc.)
  • Stray light insensitive, repeatable display of surface defects that are difficult to display
  • Depending on the type of defect, the image processing can be adapted and displayed with 100% repeatability
  • The solino® Imaging Module can be easily integrated and automated in any QA environment
  • We offer programming support for special tasks around the solino technology in order to optimise the test process.

solino™ visualizes ALL existing anomalies of your product

What does solino™ do?                             It detects ALL Anomalies as a visual appearance event

Who needs solino™ ?                                  Where final QC is critical

Why is solino™ better                                 It finds Defects beyond the limit 
than other technologies?                        of Human perception

What is my ROI with solino™ ?                     100% less returns 100% QC possible
                                                                     100% QC and Process Control possible

The Image Aquisition is very robust to ambient Light conditions and a variation of Light intensity per Image.

solino™ works with multiple Light sources and positions that are calibrated to each other.

image spacer

The input images will be processed through their own solino® filters to show, analyse or detect Anomalies defined by the customer.

Dummy 360x1

solino™ is able

to disrupt the way of making the QC of products

to digitize the human perception of products

to find Anomalies not even humans find

to find ALL Anomalies on the surface

to increase the Pixel Resolution

to predict Product failure (Predictive Maintenance)

Dummy 360x1

solino™ is not

developed for line scan applications

a direct 3D Measurement tool

a strict Photometric Stereo Imaging Device

solino Value chain to get an AI solution out of the visual appearance of the product

solino™ Technology

solino is a way of interpreting image data in analyzing its stray response instead of the image itself

solino® Technology

solino™ Image capture

Directional and calibrated Multi LED dome illumination for single image recording

solino® Image Acquisition

Image processing

Feature extraction of relevant information (CPI Computing Particular Images)

CPI Feature extract

solino™ Hardware

The solino 10x12 is a complete computational imaging vision sensor with solino™ technology.



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