Image Analysis


Over the last 40 years we have solved many market driven challenges that we are able to easily integrate in our Opto Framwork to deliver now "Plug and play" Job Modules for you.



Here some solutions that can merge easily into new Sensors for you.

Colony Counting

Bakterienkolonie - Bildanalyse

Counting and Analysing colony growth in petri disches request fast Image Aquisition in highest resolution. Differentiation of colonies in size and gray levels and the differentiation of colony families are other occuring demands, besides the statistical DATA mining.

Often mechanical positioning, Autofocus or other Automation has to be applied to the Application.

All can be realized out of our own Opto Software framework and our Imaging Module line.

All out of one Hand.

Quality control of pharmaceutical products

Tabletten zählen

During drug development and the production of pharmaceutical products many quality controls have to take place.

  • Measurement of size and roundness of pills 
  • Detection and verification of correct color
  • Analysis of the homogenity of blister pack 
  • Classification of defects and anomalies

Detection of impurities in transparent material

Image Analysis - material

The Quality control of plastic strips used in fabrication of high tension electric cable requires:

  • Detecting of holes and defects
  • Determining position, level and classification of impurities
  • Automatic Anomalies detection (Stress, color,..) 
  • Statistical analysis of the results, data export

Automated Cell Counting

To analyse cells it is necessary to control them where they occur. On Chip Level or in Microfluidic Channels or in petri dishes or well plates. We offer the right Image Auquisition Tool and can assist with special Software features for your specific Application.

  • Tracking in real time the morphology and movement of cells
  • Classification and Identifying cells by specific Fluorescence Marker
  • Automated Counting of cells
  • Including cell Analysis into existing Microfluidic setups

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