Workflow Management solutions

In having the internal Hardware and Software design capabilities in house we are able to design for our Partners complete Industry 4.0 stations.

The idea is that many different IoT sensors work together to survey, test, analyse and make decisions to excellerate the Quality, the Throughput and the Documentation to a next level.

Complete IoT Lab Solutions

Complete Lab stations with Survey, guidance, documentation and assistance functionality.

For bio applications we offer plug and play Imaging Modules or dual stations for on site digital microscopy.

Out of our own Opto Software frame work we are able to exctract only the needed drivers and plug ins that are needed.

  • Designed for the digital support of mechanical assembly Work
  • Unique Opto Design / Own Manufacturing
  • 3D Time-of-Flight Imaging Modules
  • Pick to Light scanner solutions
  • 2D high resolution Imaging Modules
  • Complete Software Interface and Analysis

Opto produces and sells Imaging Modules and gives Software assistance, not the complete systems.

Assembly Assistance

Assembly Assistance solutions for production lines or schooling purpose with the goal to be:

- Modular (All type of Sensors possible)

- Plug and play (Developped in Cooperation fowards Custome Standards)

- Throughput increase

- Quality Increase

Opto only offers this solutions and services to OEM partners and not directly to the open market

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