The free OptoViewer is supplied with every Imaging Module.

It allows to easily install the Camera, drive the different Light Sources and it includes additional functions as:

  • Simple User Interface
  • Camera, coaxial & ring light settings
  • generating project files
  • Pre-calibrated magnification setting(s)
  • One-click export to image file storage
  • Crosshair / grid / scale generator
  • Drawing/Annotations (basic, shapes, bitmaps, text)
  • Standard Measurement functions
    • Point to Point Distance
    • Angle

Please note that the download of the 'OptoViewer' requires prior registration or login. Registration on the website is free and gives you access to our software and detailed information about our product.


Bilder für 3er Textblock - OV-1

Bilder für 3er Textblock - OV-2

Bilder für 3er Textblock - OV-3

OptoViewer understands all common standards and offers a simple programming interface in Open CV, C++, Halcon or Python, among others, through our own SDK. 

Our OptoViewer software is subject to constant optimisation and expansion of new features. The focus is always on a clear and intuitive working environment. Updates are therefore regularly made available to the user free of charge.


By implementing plugins, the functionality of OptoViewer can be extended almost indefinitely. Examples of this type of tool are:

- Image analysis and pre-processing functions: Vignetting correction, focus monitoring, etc.  

- Customised tasks: Microfluidic flow rate measurement, hole inspection, particle counting, tracking, etc.

We will continue to expand the portfolio of plug-ins, enabling IM users to get the most out of their needs.


Bild zum OV 2.0 download

Please note that prior registration or login is required to download the OptoViewer. Registration on the website is free of charge and gives you access to our software and detailed information about our products.  

Each Imaging Module is delivered with our software 'OptoViewer' on request. The software is a Windows-based standard software.  An Imaging Module with USB-C can be connected to a PC without much configuration effort. <plug & play>

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The protection of your privacy during the storage and processing of your personal data is a particularly important concern for us. Your data required for registration will not be passed on to third parties; your data will only be used for our information. 

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