Job Solutions

Our Job solutions focus on the result.

We merge our Imaging Modules with our Opto own Measurement and Image Analysis Software into intelligent plug & play "Job to be done" Modules. 

NO extra Software Licenses needed.

automated Scratch detector

Automated Scratch detector

Hight detection

Excentricity and Hight detection

metal surfaces OK-NOK

metal surfaces OK/NOK

Drop Analysis OptoViewer 2.0 Plugin

The dedicated software plug-in enables the tracking of droplets in a microfluidic chip.

The application software, the Job, enables automatic detection and tracking of the generated droplet, measurement of the volume and definition of the flow velocity.

Together with our imaging modules, it is a perfect image acquisition and processing tool for your lab-on-a-chip application.

All data is recorded and can be evaluated, can control pumps or other functions of an experiment.

Cylinder Inspector Software

For years, Opto has been a specialist in microscopic image analysis of the inner walls of automotive cylinders.

For analysing the hone angle and the crystaline structure of the Inner Cylinder walls we have developped a special CylinderInspector Software.

Together with the universal documentation functionality, it is the perfect Job solution for our CylinderInspector package.

Just ask at 

YOUR Job Solution

In the last 40 years we have solved many market driven challenges.

The results lead into our own Opto Framwork Fortress to deliver "Plug & play" Job Modules.

The chance that we have done something close to YOUR solution is quite high.

Don't wait! Test us!

Always at

NI LabVIEW Vison Library


The Opto Imaging Modules work smoothly within the NI environment.


The National Instruments "Vision Builder" software offers hundreds of world-class image processing algorithms and image acquisition functions that you can use across the entire NI hardware portfolio.

  • Image acquisition software
  • Image analysis and image processing software
  • Vision librairies
  • Development Environments

The Imaging Modules Interface for LabVIEW is a software add-on that allows you to control Imaging Modules within LabVIEW

Link to LabView Toolkit

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