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IM compatible 3rd Party Software Packages

The Software focus from Opto is to support the Imaging Modules and not to produce a sellable scalable Software package.

We are happy to promote the following market leading solutions that have integrated the usability of the Imaging Modules perfectly.

We welcome every other Software solution to use the predictable performance of our Imaging Modules to solve the most challenging needs.  

NI LabVIEW Vison Library

Vison Library “Vision Builder NI”

The Opto Imaging Modules work smoothly within the NI environment.


The National Instruments "Vision Builder" software offers hundreds of world-class image processing algorithms and image acquisition functions that you can use across the entire NI hardware portfolio.

  • Image acquisition software
  • Image analysis and image processing software
  • Vision librairies
  • Development Environments

The Imaging Modules Interface for LabVIEW is a software add-on that allows you to control Imaging Modules within LabVIEW

Link to LabView Toolkit

Measurement Software “Metlogix M3”

All Opto Imaging Modules are completely integrated in this package



The Metlogix M3 one Touch Measurement Software performs critical analysis in all phases of your manufacturing process. It is a dependable, intuitive and multi spread tool in the metrology marketplace.

  • Measuring point recording via Crosshairs, clever video tools
  • Multi touch probe capability
  • Measure, construct and define 2D and 3D regular geometries
  • Measure polynomes with the blob tool
  • Position detection
  • Part programming with Automated Measurements
  • Automated multiple parts Measurement in the Field of View
  • DXF overlay in live image
  • Contour tracking and Best Fit
  • Position detection
  • Integrated light control of the Opto Imaging Modules
  • Tolerance check according to DIN / ISO with tolerance chart
  • Launch program with barcode reader
  • Image archiving (BMP, JP2, JPG, PNG)
  • Program creation from DXF file
  • Comprehensive data output as DXF, DXF point cloud, IGS cloud, CSV, TSV
  • Q-DAS converter
  • and much more

Image Analysis “pxf workbench”

Image Analysis “pxf workbench”

All Opto Imaging Modules are completely integrated.


The Pixelferber workbench is the perfect solution for high end metallurgical applications like:

- Grain size Analysis

- Particle Counting and analyzing

- Phase fraction

- Steel inclusion

- Cleanliness- analysis

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