separater für optische Komponenten

Optical Components

Selected High End optical Elements with unique specifications and competitive pricing

Opto delivers integrated Imaging Modules to OEM Customers with many single optical components integrated. Due to the volume contracts, we are able to offer them to highest quality standards and perfect pricing.

Selected imaging and microscopy components for machine and product manufacturers. Telecentric, zoom and high resolution Fixobjektive for applications from machine vision and photonics and tripod solutions and positioning for the construction of adapted inspection systems.

Selected High End Elements out of existing projects with unique specifications and competitive pricing

Lenses / Achromats

Achromats are perfect for fluorescence applications, image relay, inspection optics, or spectroscopy solutions.

Prisms / Mirrors

Prisms are perfect for adjusting the orientation of an image. Mirrors are easy to integrate and perfect for redirecting Light.

Beam splitter / Filter

Beamsplitter are perfect for fluorescence microscopy, interferometry, laser science, BioMed and Semiconductor machinery.


Objectives are typically fixed magnification lenses for imaging applications in Machine Vision and Microscopy.

LED Modules

LED Modules deliver intense, even illumination over a specific Field of View. LED Modules are perfect for Machine Integration because of their extra-long lifetime, easy integration and low power consumption.

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