R&D Projects



Together with Institutes we design new Microfludic stations for specific Applications.

The detection of Pollen is a first Project where we are using AI to specify the Amount, Type and Size.

We develop and build the:

- Microfluidic handling

- Microfluidic Chip

- High Speed Image Aquisition 

- AI Software for automated sample Identification and labeling

- Custom Hardware to directly sell the whole Instrumentation through a partner Network

Automated Tissue Engineering

We digitze and automate the finding of personalized medication for special deseases.

The idea is to use Tissue Engineering Technieques to create multiple Biopsies, to penetrate them with special Antibodies and then to analyse the morpholgical behavior for further decision making.

The whole supply chain, the automation programming and most important the whole Image Aquisition procedure is part of Opto.

The physiological treatment and biological Know How is part of the R&D Partners in clinics and universities.

Complete Screening solutions

For OEM Customers we want to be able to deliver plug and play solutions for their Machinery.

That is why we are developping regular with Universities and partners on optimizing the automation of the Image Aquisition towards Speed, Contrast and the corresponding Software.

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