Fluorescence Microscopes

We design Epifluorescence Microscopes with single fluorescence setups up to 16 fluorescences in some seconds. With standard Cameras or high sensitive sensors inside.

We build our own optics, Filters and ultracompact, high efficent Light-sources as well as the complete Automation.

All in house.

Multi-Fluorescence Screening Cytology Microscope


Working successfully on implementing innovative Microscope Technology in Screening machines and Microfluidics applications.

High throughput multi wavelength Fluorescence Module

•           Full inverted embedded microscope coupled to ultralight (additive manufactured) spinning filter wheel (8 filters). Strobed multi wavelength LEDs synchronized to high speed camera enables up to 16 different wavelengths to be captured in under a second.

•           Supply chain integrated

•           Embedded multi-megapixel fluorescence camera

•           High speed integrated X-Y-Z well plate positioning

•           All controllers and drivers onboard

Several FDA necessary productions - 10 modules per month

Special Techniques inside one OEM Fluorescence Microscope

To create an automated Flourescence Module for up to 16 Fluorescences in one Module you need:

- Autofocus Z-Axis

- High precision X-Y Movement (We Move the Microscope not the sample)

- Ultra Compact, Multi High Power LED LIght source (Up to 6 LED's)

- Ultra fast Filter wheel

- Advanced Camera Technology inside

- Compact Controlle Design and Software Framework for the synchronisation

- Plus many more options




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