Digital Microscopes


If there is no Imaging Module Solution available we design custom specific compact Digital Microscopes for Machine Integration in Industry and BioMed with unique features like:

- Phase and Hoffmann Contrast

- Scheimpflug and 90° folded 

- Autofocus and X-Y Motorized

- Special CMOS Cameras integrated


Scheimpflug solutions


Scheimpflug allows the tilt of the focal plane in orientating the camera towards the optical axis. That enables a sharp obejct field while observing under an Angle. Opto delivers complete solutions with Software to adjust distortion again.

Dual View Microscopes

Dual View

Dual View means two different Images of one Sample with two optical paths and two cameras with

- Two differnt Magnifications

- Two different Colours

- Two different Image aquisition speeds

- Two different Fluorescences

Compact 90° Microscopes


Due to space restrictions we deliver 90° Modules with special Objectives and Tube lenses and compact USB or GigE Cameras with integrated LED Coax light.

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