Custom Microscopes

For 40 years we build digital Microscopes for Machine Integration 

Dedicated modules for machine builders

Business model: custom-specific design and manufacture

Focus on volume and long-term opportunity

Innovative by nature

Stereo Microscopes

We automate existing Stereo Microscope designs for Applications in BioMed and Industry

- LASIK Beam delivery

- Mobile stereo Microscopes for Restauration

- Laser and Camera integration

- Motorisation of Focus and Magnification changer

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Fluorescence Microscopes

Ultra Compact and multi functional microscopes for implementing into Screening machines

- Automated Multifluorescence

- Autofocus and High Speed Filter Wheel

- High Power LED Light sources and Filter sets

- Fluorescence Camera and Software

go to the fluorescence Microscopes

Digital Microscopes

Compact Digital Microscopes for Machien Integration with unique features like

- Phase and Hoffmann Contrast

- Scheimpflug and 90°folded

- Autofocus and X-Y Motorized

- Special CMOS Cameras integrated

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