OEM branded Systems

For our OEM customers in Biomed and Industry we build specific Microscopes custom branded in series

Particle Counter for oil ISO 4407


The microscope has been developed as an automated filter membrane particle counting and sizing system. The system is designed to measure the particles trapped on the surface of the filter. The analysis uses advanced image analysis and microscope automation techniques to provide rapid and accurate contamination results of whole or user specified areas of filters.

The system complies with the international standard ISO 4407 and provides results to the following standards: SAE AS 4059, NAS 1638, ISO 4406 and ISO 16232. The system includes a high performance laptop or PC pre-configured with the analysis software.

Laser Fault Injection Station

Laser Fault Injection Station

Laser Fault Injection Station

Laser Fault Injection uses the photoelectric effect coming from the interaction of photons of a laser source with a semiconductor. The laser radiation can generate an electron-hole pair in these regions if its  energy exceeds the semiconductor band gap.

We designed with a market leading partner a specific system to adress this effect. It is a

- Modular microscope system

- Adaptable to multi-wavelength lasers

- Compatible with Free Beam or Fiber Coupled Lasers

- One or two laser points 

- Monitor diode for laser activation detection

- Fixed or Mobile Laser Spots



For testing credit card, smartcard & FPGA chip security


Medical implant coating inspection Microsocope

In line metrology of biological thin film coatings on medical devices such as cardiac stents, orthopaedic prosthetics, and MEMS devices

Proprietary laser-based Beam Profile Reflectometry technique developed on behalf of our client

Complete optomechanical design including housing, envelope optimisation, integration of complete suite of excitation and emission filters and onboard PC

Supply chain integrated

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