FOV Micro Measurement Microscope 4.0

FOV Mikro-Messmikroskop 4.0

The new ultra-compact digital micro measuring microscope from Opto is the perfect tool for on-site measurements in production.

The image processing microscope digitizes professional quality where it counts.

The sensor design is robust, plug & play, easy to operate and equipped with integrated high-end optics and camera.

ith the built-in coaxial LED illumination and ring light, all kinds of features on a product can be visualized, similar to a traditional metallurgical microscope.

With a measurement resolution of 1.8 micrometers per pixel, it enables the analysis of the smallest details.

The free Optoviewer Software presents crosshairs, allows documentation and basic Measurements, whereas the market leading Measurement Software M3 from Metlogix makes it a High End Measurement device with proven functionality.




Digital Machine Vision Microscope

  • FOV: 4,5x3,8mm
  • WD: 31mm
  • Resolution: monochrome 250 LP/mm
  • Coax and Ring Light
  • USB3.0 / 5MP / Camera

Ultra compact light weight Stand

  • Focus Travel range 57mm
  • Size 190x230x350mm
  • Weight 2,5kg for easy transportation 


OptoViewer 2.0

  • Simple User Interface
  • Camera control for demanding integration tasks
  • Pre-calibrated magnification settings 
  • Illumination adjustment
  • One-click image storage
  • Standard Measurement functions
  • Reticule generator
  • Basic Text editor






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