Opto has a long heritage in developing imaging solutions for a wide variety of photonic applications. These have included customized image analysis microscopes for residual particle analysis and cylinder inspection. Opto has particular expertise in high precision laser integration, and has delivered excimer microscopes for ophthalmology in addition to laser fault injection systems.

For machine manufacturers Opto develops and produces compact microscopy and laser systems in series.




Stereo Microscopy

Mobile stereo microscope for e.g. restoration tasks

A stereo microscope with a mobile floor stand allows restorers to easily and flexibly position and fix the microscope, even overhead or in a vertical position.


90° / klein

Digital Microscopy

Opto has been developing and manufacturing compact imaging solutions and digital microscopes for industry and medical technology for over 35 years.

As a partner, Opto helps device developers and OEMs design and engineer systems for local optical requirements.


first imaging module

Fluorescence Microscopy

For many analyses of colored samples the use of complex spectrographs is not necessary or even unsuitable. Especially when the entire image information of a color range is required. An example is the fluorescence image of a sample excited by UV light. Here the much more intense and disturbing UV light must be effectively filtered out. For such tasks Opto has developed a spectral decoupling based on the usual stereomicroscope. Beam splitters are mounted in the parallel beam paths, which decouple part of the light. Far filters then leave only the interesting spectral ranges to the digital cameras. In this way, up to four beam paths can be sensibly decoupled, each of which can be filtered differently. 



Laser injection


  • Modular microscope system
  • Adaptable to multi-wavelength lasers
  • Compatible with Free Beam or Fiber Coupled Lasers
  • One or two laser points
  • Monitor diode for laser activation detection
  • Fixed or Mobile Laser Spots



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