Miniaturised optical imaging modules from Opto can be found inside the machines of world market leaders in a wide variety of high techology applications including remote automated bacterial fluorescence microscopy, timelapse high throughput cell processing, high throughput automated blood screening with fluorescence, DNA and RNA sequencing, intra ocular lens replacement surgical instrumentation.

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Stereo Microscope for Laser Surgery (Ophthalmology)


SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions GmbH & Co. KG, technology leader in optical corneal surgery instruments; Manufacturer of eye laser systems.


Schwind manufactures equipment for the treatment of the cornea of the eyesight due to the LASIK procedure (laser in situkeratomileusis). Opto has developed a stereo operating microscope for a new generation of devices, which allows the doctor to visually inspect the OP, and at the same time controls the UV spectrum of the excimer laser used.


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