Machine Vision

Opto produces its own line of telecentric lenses in addition to its own fixed and zoom lenses for high magnifications and C-mount applications. With our jointed couplers, lighting accessories and cameras can be positioned reliably and with flexibility.

For system integrators and mechanical engineers we supply customer-specific splitfield lenses, microscope objectives, coaxial lighting devices and many other unique optical solutions.


Imaging Modules  

Opto produces specific imaging modules for device developers and OEMs, 

consisting of optics, illumination, sensors and camera  

reduced to the essentials.

Camera integration

Bi-telezentrische Objektive


Opto's telecentric lenses were developed for high-precision measuring tasks in industrial image processing. The clear advantage of these high-quality optics lies in the two-sided telecentric imaging (bi-telescopy). The object side telecentricity allows spatially extended, three-dimensional objects to be displayed without perspective errors. 


Art.Nr.: 043-643045/46/47/48


In addition to a homogeneous spotlight, we offer different types of LED lighting.

It can be a classic LED lighting, but also an LED ring light or our LEDrive.

The LEDrive includes a Focus drive C, coarse w with integ. LED ring and a 5/8" pin adapter. 

The ring lights offered by us with most modern LED technology work fanless and are therefore vibration-free.






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