Macro Machine Vision Imaging Modules

Our Macro Machine Vision Imaging Modules are imaging a FoV (Field of View) that is normally bigger then 20mmx20mm.

As there is a lot of competition in this market we reduced our offer to selected Modules where we can add significant value.

Black Line Imaging Modules


Our "Black Line" Imaging Modules are designedd to respond to all open requests in Machine Vision.

This includes special megapixel designs or telecentric Imaging Modules where the lens is bigger then Modules itself.

You can find them all in the Imaging Modules "Product finder".

Multi Purpose Machine Vision Sensors


We equip complete Lab stations with Survey, guidance, documentation and assistance functionality.

For bio applications we offer plug and play Imaging Modules or dual stations for on site digital microscopy.

Out of our own Opto Software frame work we are able to exctract only the needed drivers and plug ins that are needed.

  • Designed for the digital support of mechanical assembly Work
  • Unique Opto Design / Own Manufacturing
  • 3D time-of-Light Imaging Modules
  • Pick to Light scanner solutions
  • 2D high resolution Imaging Modules
  • Complete Software Interface and Analysis

Opto produces and sells Imaging Modules and gives Software assistance, not the complete systems.

solino Plug & Play sensors

Macro Machine Vision

With our own solino Technology we are able to detect all Anomalies on a product with simple Image Aquisition Modules. We assist you in implementing solino in your solution to work as an AI quality control tool.

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