solino™ Imaging Modul 10x12

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The Opto IM-solino 10x12 is a complete computational imaging vision sensor that uses Opto's proprietary solino® technology to display object anomalies as an image for further digital or statistical processing. 

With a field of view of 10mm x 12mm it is perfectly suited for:

- forensic examinations

- Quality assurance on scattering surfaces

- Anomaly detector for 100% inspection

Ask for a demo or send us your sample.

 Product Information

AI ready sensor

solino 10x12

solino digitizes the visual appearance of objects

  • Powerful Plug-and-Play Imaging Module
  • Photometric Stereo Imaging acquisition software included
  • Integrated 64-LED mesh dome illumination
  • Redefines textural surface standards
  • Robust design with multiple mounting options
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  • Predictive maintenance
  • Quality inspection and assurance
  • Manufacturing process automation
  • Easy inspection of bubbles, staining, fingerprints, dents, cracks, etc.
  • Detects all surface characteristics and anomalies
  • Detection of contamination on PCB ́s surface
  • Detection of Roughness, Reflectivity, Inclination
  • Eliminates reflections on metallic surfaces
  • Code detection on tires and O-rings

Preliminary specification


10 x 12 mm

Working distance:

1 mm


5MP areascan/USB


64 LED Dome incl. controller


210 x 300 x 210 mm


solino Viewer included for Image acquisition and pre-processing

solino™ analyses the stray response of the sample regardless texture differences it’s possible to detect scratches, defects, and anomalies that can ́t be seen with existing vision solutions. The images and DATA, created with solino®, is perfect for classification and DATA mining.

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solino 10x12 as stand alone and as process sensor

The IM•solino 10x12 sensor for anomaly detection can be used as a laboratory system to develop own quality guidelines for product classification. Accordingly, it is also typically used as a process sensor in manufacturing.

As with all Opto Imaging modules, the same applies here: The image counts. Plug & play, repeatable, reliable. The difference is the image information. By means of certain filter algorithms, unimportant information can be suppressed.

By means of 64LED dome mesh illumination and applied reflex analysis, a wide variety of product characteristics can be comprehensively digitised. We are happy to assist you in the development of solino®-based AI solutions.

separater solino ohne Hintergrund

Surface analysis with solino™

solino® Software

The representation of object anomalies as images, enables unprecedented detection of surface defects.


solino® Technology

Interpretation of image data in which not the image itself but its scattering effect is analysed.

solino® Technology

solino® Image Acquis.

Directional and calibrated Multi LED dome illumination for single image recording

solino® Image Acquisition

CPI feature extract

Feature extraction of relevant information (CPI Computing Particular Images)

CPI Feature extract
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