profile Imaging Module

The Opto IM•profiles are characterised by the U-shaped all-aluminium housing with a width of only 40mm. 

They can be equipped with different optics and camera technology and thus function as:

- Transmitted light digital microscopes for transparent samples

- Profilometers with telecentric optics for process-integrated profile measurement

IM•profile M as a compact transmitted light microscope for biomedicine

profile M inkl. Tisch - freigestellt

Our microscope as a vision sensor. It is ultra compact with a width of only 40mm, has the connections GigE as well as USB 3.1 in the variants 5x, 10x, 20x - in monochrome or colour. It is a high quality inverted machine vision microscope.

Perfectly suited for machine integration. Pathological scanning of slides, microfluidics, flow cytometry, etc. It is programmable with Python, plug-and-play integration with LabVIEW and comes with our OptoViewer 2.0. All from Opto, all from one source.

Data sheet: download

Product info: download

Advantages for the customer:

  • Pure all in one digital microscope
  • Micrometer / pixel Resolution with large FoV
  • High Contrast and Color stability
  • Repeatability of Image
  • Open software architecture
  • Easy machine integration
  • Transmission brightfield integration

IM•profile M as a digital microscope for research and development

Compared to a standard microscope, the difference in size becomes clear. 

When displayed on a monitor, i.e. a camera image, there is no difference in quality. 

Machine Vision Microscope (MVM) may only have a fixed magnification, but the fixed optical parameters guarantee a much higher reproduction of the image quality and repeatability of their measurements.

Moreover, for the budget of a large standard microscope, two imaging modules are quite possible - these in turn are optimised for their corresponding inspection task.

Picture: Imaging modules of the IP10-06 series (copy number and find data sheet in the IM·ProductFinder )

IM•profile M telecentric

profile M telecentric (2)

profile M - telecentric

The 'Profile Projector' Imaging Module is a compact all in one telecentric imaging & projection module that delivers a distortion free, perfectly telecentric profile image of a component. 

With its high magnification, the Profile Projector module is especially suited to performing profile measurement of needles, implants, special micro screws or micro tools. 

Its highly compact design makes it suited to a variety of integration possibilities, including inline integration, robot arm integration or deep machine integration. 

Ultra compact telecentric module for online measurement.

IM•profile M​ as a flow measurement module in microfluidics

The IM-profile M transmitted-light digital microscope from the Opto Imaging Module family is perfect for microfluidic experiments.

With the OptoViewer software included, individual cells or droplets can be automatically tracked, the velocity measured and the volume determined or read out on-the-fly.

All Plug & Play, all embedded, all-in-one.

Picture: Imaging modules of the IP10-06 series (copy number and find data sheet with the help of the IM·ProductFinder )

IM•profile M​ as 20x digital microscope for automated blood analysis

The colour fidelity and 20x magnification of the IM-profile M are perfect for automating blood analysis systems.

With the integrated transmitted light and the adapted condenser, we achieve an optimal contrast for the detailed representation of microorganisms.

The number and morphology of the contained erythrocytes, leucocytes and thrombocytes allow conclusions to be drawn about iron deficiency, but also leukemia.

Picture: Imaging modules of the IP10-06 series (copy number and find data sheet with the help of the IM·ProductFinder )

IM•profile M​ as part of a lab-on-a-chip solution

The compact, robust design enables space-saving integration into instruments such as a lab-on-a-chip solution here. 

Based on a drop separation with a RayDrop module from Secoya, as well as a pump arrangement from Fluigent, an IM-profile M (5x magnification) is integrated into a microfluidic complete experiment as a documentation tool with counting function.

Picture: Imaging module of the IP10-06 series (copy number and find data sheet in the  IM·ProductFinder )

separater - profile M

 An example of the profile M - used in the Microfluidics



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