compact Imaging Module

Machine Vision Microscope

Machine Vision Microscope

The new Machine Vision Microscope (MVM) is a purely digital microscope with all the features that make a microscope.

It has an apochromatically highly corrected microscope objective and a corresponding tube lens which magnifies each object point to one pixel of the 5MP Sony IMX264 sensor.

In addition, a coaxial incident light and a diffuse ring light have been installed.

The module offers an unprecedented level of user-friendliness. The MVM comes with our own image acquisition software, so it can be easily integrated into any network, system or production environment.

The new digital microscope can thus be easily integrated into measuring devices, analysis systems or bio-imaging systems.

• Sub-Micron resolution

 Apo corrected Optics

• LED Coax and Ring-light switchable

• USB 3.1, 5MP colour and B&W camera

• SLWD Optics

• Measurement ready Software

• Pre-Calibrated Memory

• Newest Sony IMX Sensors integrated

• Compact Aluminium Housing

• One Wire USB-C Connector

One Microscope for various applications


The Machine Vision Microscope MVM is one Unit, Plug and Play.
A pure Digital Microscope for the following Applications:. 

- Hardness Testing

- Bond Inspection

- SMD Control

- Solar panel Analysis

- Measurements and Documentation

- Surface Analysis

- Rheology

- Scratch Analysis

- Crystal Measurement

- Adjustment Tool

- Micro Connector Measurement

and much more…...



functional principle - Machine Vision Microscope

The MVM is part of the new Imaging Module family in the 90° IM-compact M design and stable aluminium housing, with a single connection (plug&play).

Imaging Modules are optimized combinations of camera, optics, illumination and electronics for a specific application at the same or lower price than a combination of standard components.

They are not only more robust and better adapted to the application, but also ensure the same configuration when re-ordered.


A coaxial incident light illumination and a diffuse ring light were built into this module.


                    IM•compact M with Coaxial + Ringlight LED

Darkfield | Ringlight LED Darkfield | Ringlight LED
Brightfield | Coaxial LED Brightfield | Coaxial LED

Both lights are controlled and powered by the USB 3.1 port of the integrated camera. A specially developed control electronics allows the alternating operation of the two light sources.

The combination of a highly sensitive Sony IMX sensor and very efficient LEDs with a light-intensive optical system allows this compact combination.

Sample Images for Coaxial and Ringlight LED:     

Brightfield / Coaxial LED

Darkfield / Ringlight LED

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