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IM•foldable stand


Our IM•foldable stand is specially designed for the Imaging Modules. 

As a classic - stationary - tripod it takes up little space and is best suited for single workstations. Moreabout these stands are also foldable for workstations that need to be flexible.

 Datasheet to download

Mounting brackets


Mounting brackets

For mounting the imaging modules, we have provided a multi-positionable standard mount, the opto-dovetail. Various mounting threads are available for customised solutions

For installation in machines, a variety of mounting brackets and plates can be provided, depending on the project. Please contact our sales department for the relevant OEM projects. 

USB 3.1 Gen 1, standard cable, screwable

USB-Kabel inkl. Verschraubung

USB Type-C to USB-A

  • USB Type-C to USB-A, straight, with the possibility of screwing

    • Cable: USB 3.1 Gen 1
    • Cable type: Standard cable, double shielded in AWG26/28
    • Connector: USB Type-C to USB-A, straight and screwable
    • Cable length: 3 m

Calibration Target Micro V1

Calibration Target Micro V1

Calibration Target Micro V1

Optical calibration and resolution testing are critical to understanding and optimizing any optical system

The Calibration Target Micro V1 is unique in that it combines very useful resolution data, combined with ultra-high definition micro-functions that allow efficient and accurate optimization of all optical settings.

• Ultra-high definition micro features, compatible with the most demanding optical calibration requirements

• Four unique quadrants that combine resolution targets with measurement scales

• Supplied in a special padded storage compartment

to the calibration standards and object micrometers normale

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