Imaging Modules

'Machine Vision Microscope'

IM-compact M - MVM

IM-compact M with Coaxial + ring light LED


  • 'Digital' microscope is built into the housing of the IM-series
  • compact design
  • Brightfield coaxial illumination
  • Darkfield ring light
  • Illumination can be switched at any time
  • integrated measuring software


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Imaging Modules


for Industrial and Non-Industrial Applications

Opto Imaging Modules are a family of integrated, ‘plug and play’ imaging devices, featuring an optimised combination of onboard camera, optics, illumination and electronic control interface that together deliver a perfect image first time - every time for virtually any imaging application. 

Designed for smart production, and many ‘Industry 4.0’ applications, Opto Imaging Modules bring an unprecedented level of intelligent, easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, imaging performance to any production environment - from measurement machines to test systems or roundness analysis to bio imaging instrumentation.

Each Module is provided with its own SDK and image acquisition software, making it simple to integrate into any network or system.

IM•serie - Größenvergleich

IM•linea S, IM•Linea M, and IM•compact M

  • Various high resolution, perfectly optimised closed-loop optical designs coupled directly to the latest onboard imaging sensors - no camera needed.
  • One wire direct USB3 image output & compatibility to most machine vision software packages.
  • Ultimate imaging performance, simple integration, guaranteed performance first time – every time.
  • A perfectly optimised configuration of optic, camera and LED.
  • Housed in an ultra-compact form factor designed specifically for machine integration. 
  • Optically pre-calculated and tested by specialists enabling the user to achieve perfect results without needing deep optical knowledge. 
  • Significantly shorten system development times for machine builders and integrators.
  • Robust and clean aluminium design, different layouts to dress spatial conditions.

IM•series - countless variations

IM•linea M mit Ringlicht

IM•linea M with ring light


  • easy-to-use
  • easy-to-integrate
  • one unit - one wire

Versatile in use

  • measurement machines
  • test systems
  • profile and roundness analysis
  • bio imaging instrumentation

Technical Specification


  • IM•linea S:            FoV  55 x 40 - 307 x 230 mm    |    WD  3000 - 1000 mm
  • IM•linea M:           FoV  7 x 5 - 28 x 23 mm             |    WD  87 x 202 mm
  • IM•compact M:    FoV  7 x 5 - 28 x 23 mm.            |    WD  87 x 202 mm
  • IM•profile M:        FoV  8.5 x 7.1 mm.                     |    WD  30


the complete list can be found here:  overview

IM•stand light


Our IM-stand light is specially designed for the Imaging Modules. 

As a classic - stationary - tripod it takes up little space and is best suited for single workstations. In addition, we offer this stand as a folding version for workstations that need to be flexible.

Mounting brackets


Mounting brackets

A variety of options are available for fixing the imaging modules:

  • integrated fastening threads
  • Adapters and mounting brackets
  • Opto-Dovetail

... you can find an overview here:  mounting brackets

USB 3.1 Gen 1, standard cable, screwable

USB-Kabel inkl. Verschraubung

USB Type-C to USB-A


USB Type-C on USB-A, straight, with the possibility of screwing

  • Cable: USB 3.1 Gen 1
  • Cable type: Standard cable, double shielded in AWG26/28
  • Connector: USB Type-C to USB-A, straight and screwable
  • Cable length: 3 m
image spacer

Opto Viewer


Opto Viewer

Each imaging module is delivered with the “Opto Viewer” software package, providing easy illumination adjustment and one-click image storage.

Please note that the download of the 'Opto Viewer' requires prior registration or login. Registration on the website is free and gives you access to our software and detailed information about our product.

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