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A deep understanding of the nature of optics and their advanced features is at the core of our capabilities. In our 30 years of experience in developing optical solutions for advanced imaging applications, we have refined a comprehensive knowledge of what optics can achieve. This knowledge enables us to deliver highly efficient optical solutions that balance economy with performance.


What is an OEM Imaging module?

A unique subassembly embedded in a machine or device that includes an optical imaging system designed to perform a specific imaging task within the specified specifications of the device.



The "new" Imaging Module

is a family of application specific imaging modules designed around a common optical device architecture.

The optical modules, with a common design, allow us to realize different configurations of sensors and technologies to provide a standard for a wide range of applications.


Automation & Robotics

2016 sees the launch of our new automation and micro-robotics group of companies at Opto. This brand new and completely unique feature combines high-precision robotics with our full optomechanical design and software capabilities to provide fully integrated robotic micromachining and inspection systems for industrial markets.

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Imaging Modules in installed condition

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In most cases, our customers need more than just one component. This is reinforced by the fact that nowadays OEM´s and system providers want to integrate more and more benefits into their machines. This calls for a partner who can offer these added values in an integrated solution, combining optics, mechanics, software and electronics into an optimal whole.

Opto offers this capability - from simple CAD design to complete manufacturing drawings for systems, from highly specialized lenses to complex optical assemblies, from simple mobile image analysis to automated in-line inspection systems - we have all the necessary resources in-house.

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As an ISO 9001 accredited facility, we continuously research and invest in the latest machining and finishing techniques, including 3D and additive manufacturing as well as conventional 7-axis CNC machining. With facilities both in Germany and Asia, we are able to scale manufacturing to the technical and commercial requirements of a project, be it initial prototyping or series production.




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