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Opto UK is the independent subsidiary of the German Opto GmbH and sells and distributes besides the Opto portfolio Microscopes, Light sources and microscope relevant accessories from market leading partners.

Opto UK is your partner for all Microscope and Machine Vision needs in UK and Ireland.


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Plug and Play Imaging Modules for the perfect Image

Opto Imaging Modules are a family of integrated, ‘plug and play’ imaging devices, featuring an optimised combination of onboard camera, optics, illumination and electronic control interface that together deliver a perfect image 1st time, every time for virtually any imaging application. 

Designed for smart production, and many ‘Industry 4.0’ applications, Opto Imaging Modules bring an unprecedented level of intelligent, easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, imaging performance to any production environment - from measurement machines to test systems or roundness analysis to bio imaging instrumentation. 

Each Module is provided with its own SDK and image acquisition software, making it simple to integrate into any network or system.


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Fluorescence LED Light sources for all types of microscopes

CoolLED designs and manufactures cutting edge LED illumination systems for researchers and clinicians using the latest LED technology. The company has specialised in fluorescence microscopy since it introduced the first commercially available LED illumination system in 2004. LEDs are now the system of choice because they are more stable, longer lasting, and energy efficient than traditional mercury-based illuminators as well as offering superior safety and environmental features.



Microscopes and Accessories

Opto UK your partner for all types of Microscope solutions. From Stereo microscopes to special portable solutions up to high end research equipment. Together with the microscope accessories from Opto with its particle standards and calibration targets we are able to solve all your microscope needs.

All out of one hand with many years of experience and local service.



Chambers and Microscopes for IVF treatment

Besides our optical expertise and products, we support our partner Tek-Event in Europe. Tek-Event is a specialist supplier to the field of human and animal reproductive services. Our Dual Station microscope encompasses the latest technologies available to provide safe environment for the tissue being observed and ergonomic work place for operators. It incubates a High-end Stereo Microscope and an inverted scope in one unit.

Cell-Tek chambers are an essential part of good laboratory practice when visually examining, manipulating, transferring or assessing oocytes and embryos for in-vitro fertilization (IVF)

  • Stable temperature-controlled air throughout the chamber and all internal components.
  • Controlled CO2 enriched environment for tissue and specimens within the chamber.
  • VOC removal from circulated air by unique UV photocatalytic module.
  • Hepa & Carbon filtered airflow providing a clean room environment.
  • Microscopic observation in an ergonomic design, for seated or standing operation.



Periscopes for microscopic Cylinder Inspection

CylinderInspector is an all-optical, non-contact inspection and measurement tool designed to inspect cylinder walls. It enables perfect optical inspection of honed surfaces in cast iron and aluminium, as well as the detailed analysis of composition and distribution of silicon crystals in aluminium. With darkfield and brightfield multi wavelength LED illumination, CylinderInspector is perfectly suited to imaging every type of honed cylinder surface - particularly sputter and plasma deposited surfaces. CylinderInspector has already gained its heritage as the inspection instrument of choice amongst many automobile and engine manufactures internationally.



Opto is your Software Partner to create and support your own System and Machinery Software. We deliver only Software as a service no systems.

When it is about Image Analysis needs, designing HMI, Process recording and control, Data and Network Management (Deep Learning) Opto is your choice.

We program with Halcon and Vision Builder NI, Open CV, C++, and more to choose the best solution for you.

With our own solino Technology we are able to serve you with unique and newest computational methods to add immediately value to your product.



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