Over 35 years of optical competence

Our Vision

To be a global market leader for embedded imaging module technology


Our Mission 

To produce optomechanical components and modules with innovation and efficiency


Our Proposition

To deliver solutions that are 'reduced to the needs' - optimised precisely to the application and budget


1980    Founded as Opto Sonderbedarf GmbH

1992    First to use CCD’s from handycams in machine vision 

1994    Pioneer in using stereo microscopy for fluorescence microscopy  

1996    Company taken over by Markus Riedi 

           First to use microscopy with video capturing

2000    Presentation of our standard products in

2006    Opto expands into the UK 

2008    Opto expands into France

2012    01.01.2012 - Opto Sonderbedarf GmbH becomes Opto GmbH

           Establishing the growth strategy  ‘Vision 2020‘

2013    Introduction of a new corporate identity and first successes in Asian business.

2014    Opto has received the ISO certification ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. 

           The Opto Group GmbH & Co KG acquires Alliance Vision sarl located in Montelimar, France.

2015    Opto expands to Asia with foundation of Opto Asia in Hong Kong. 

2016    Opto is expanding into Switzerland by acquiring the majority of RobSwiss, located in Lausanne

2017    Opto presents its new "Imaging Modules" and treads new paths

2018.   Opto introduces solino® technology for reliable, reproducible surface analysis

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