Company policy of Opto GmbH

Our company philosophy can be divided into five strategic goals, with which we prove our efficiency and competence.


1 Interested parties Customers

All of our activities are customer-oriented. Decisive for the performance is the concrete benefit for the customer (product and service quality and delivery reliability). The cooperation with our customers in a spirit of partnership is of fundamental importance in order to be able to orient the company towards the future.


2 Interested parties Employees

The company's existing infrastructure forms a solid foundation for the implementation of a successful corporate policy. The employee is at the centre of our striving for quality. His responsibility and his commitment to the quality of his work products are promoted. The most important concern is the systematic communication of the idea of quality in all areas of the company with the aim of constantly improving our performance for the benefit of our customers.


 3 Interested parties (co-)partners / Opto Group

The costs inside and outside the company directly influence our competitiveness and profit. A business management approach is therefore a basic prerequisite for being able to survive on the market in the long term. In principle, the following applies: adhering to the specified quality is economical - a lack of quality causes unnecessary costs.


4 Interested parties Suppliers

As a manufacturing company, we are dependent on intensive contact and a relationship based on partnership with our suppliers and partners. We cultivate this relationship with particular care.


5 Interested parties Legislators/authorities

In addition to meeting customer requirements, we have taken responsibility for our environment and the safety of our employees. The goal is to combine the greatest possible customer and employee benefits. The health of our employees is important to us, which is why optimum occupational health and safety is of great importance.

We, the management and the employees, commit ourselves to regard the company policy and its goals as the common quality claim and to align all activities in the company accordingly.

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