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March 2021

Opto trains and certifies its dealers

We, the Opto GmbH, have started to certify our dealers. We want to make sure that you get the best service and professional competence around microscopy and imaging modules from us and our partners.

December 2020 Opto expands its dealer network+

Opto GmbH and 1stVISION, Inc will work together in the future. Founded in 1999, 1stVision, Inc. (a division of Next Imaging), based in Andover, Massachusetts, is the largest distributor of machine vision and automation technology products in North America.  The 1stVision team of sales engineers brings more than 200 years of accumulated imaging experience to the market.
"We are extremely enthusiastic about the innovation, breadth and depth of standard and customized products that Opto GmbH produces for our market. The cooperation and teamwork between our two companies is great and we look forward to a successful future together", said Mike Troiano, President and CEO of 1stVision, Inc.

Juli 2020 EPIC+

Opto is a member of EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium now.

17 June 2020 IM-stand light+

Our IM-stand light is specially designed for our imaging modules.

As classic stands, they take up little space and are also foldable, for workstations that need to be flexible.

01 May 2020 FOV Micro Measurement Microscope 4.0+

The new ultra-compact digital micro measuring microscope is the perfect tool for on-site measurements in production.

FOV Mikro-Messmikroskop 4.0
01 March 2020 Thomas Rampertshammer is new Sales Director at Opto+

Thomas Rampertshammer has recently taken over the position of Sales Director at Opto GmbH. In addition to managing the key accounts, he will strategically expand the business field of imaging modules, an intelligent combination of camera, lighting and optics.

Thomas Rampertshammer was formerly head of the image processing division at Laser 2000 GmbH and since 2014 has been responsible for sales management in Europe and the Americas at Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH.

Thomas R.
29. August 2019 JENCOLOR SpectroNet Collaboration Cenderence 2019+

"One Vision Sensor for One Application dedicated to AI" was the title of Michael Niemeyer's Opto contribution on the subject of "Artificial Intelligence".

Vortrag von Michael in Jena
07. May 2019 Control VISION TALKS 2019+

At CONTROL 2019 Dr. Simon Desage from Opto gave a very interesting lecture on the subject of "Non-contact reflection analysis of surfaces".

Vortrag von Simon auf der CONTROL
15 February 2019 OCM SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2019+

Don't miss Markus Riedi's presentation at the SpectroNet OCM Collaboration Conference on March 12, 2019 in Karlsruhe!

OCM SpectroNet Collaboration Conference

Further information can be found on the SpectroNet homepage.

16 January 2019 INNOVATION AWARD 2019+

We are pleased and honoured that solino® technology from Opto was awarded with the inVISION TOP INNOVATION 2019 award.
Thank you very much to TeDo Verlag!

solino® algorithm detects tiny defects on surfaces of large objects. solino® visualized ALL ANOMALIES including scratches, holes, waviness, and other surface defects in one single high definition image.
solino® is able to detect a scratch having a width of 0,5 μm and a depth of 30 nm on a sample size of 150x150 mm – a performance that would typically demand 90 Giga Pixel Camera resolution!

Innovation Award 2019
12/11/2018 Opto at the VISION 2018 in Stuttgart+

Opto presented new imaging modules from our IM•series.
To live up to the slogan >all in one<, our imaging modules are now also available with integrated lighting.
Versions with coax and/or ring light illumination are available.

Many thanks for the positive feedback - it confirms us again and again that we are on the right way and lets us work highly motivated on the next steps.

25/06/2018 Opto at the automatica show 2018 in Munich+

Visitors of the Opto booth could see the new imaging modules and learn all about the automatic inspection and measurement of high-precision screws and implants with Stäubli robots.

Thanks to all who made automatica such a success for Opto. The positive feedback for our Imaging Modules was perfect. We can't wait to deliver the first units. I hope we'll meet again soon.

Thanks again to Stäubli to support our Imaging Module Presentation at automatica show in Munich.

26/04/2018 Opto at the Control show 2018 in Stuttgart+

Many thanks to all visitors who visited us at our stand during Control 2018.
Thanks also for the positive feedback on our new IM•linea and IM•compact imaging modules with their brilliant design.
We look forward to welcome you to automatica in Munich in June with the next highlights.

11/04/2018 Inside Medical Technology+

Opto at the MT-Connect in Nuremberg

The MT-Connect trade fair is an association of MT-Connect and the MedTech Summit. It is a new trade fair that combines expert knowledge from all parts of medical technology.

We were on site with our imaging modules and the DualStation!

12/03/2018 solino®+

Surface analysis of the smallest defects on large surfaces

Opto has been working for several years to develop a reliable technology for 100% repeatable surface analysis.
We are proud that we have signed a license agreement with our development partners that allows us to exclusively commercialize the algorithms now available. Thanks again to all contributors.

solino® News
21/02/2018 Opto is represented at the W3+Fair in Wetzlar+

Wetzlar is the source of Microscopy in Germany and Opto in the front row.

you can see our NEW Stereomicroscope Base with integrated Inverse Microscope for Lab Automation, as well as the new ImagingModules from Opto.
In addition find Stands, Tables, Lights, Optics, resolution and calibration targets and many other useful tools to improve your Microscope workstation.

News - W3+Fair
01/02/2018 Two high resolution magnification ranges in one scope+

Live at the BIOS & Photonics West in San Francisco 2018

• Reinventing microscopy with a unique easy to use ergonomic user experience.
• Ultra-high contrast macro and micro imaging from the same instrument eliminates the need for 2 separate microscopes!
• Designed for ‘in chamber’ biomed and cell analysis applications such as IVF and other cell engineering applications – no more transferring samples between workstations!
• Fully compatible and retro-fittable to most leading stereo microscopes, and RFID antenna products

DoppelScope - news
08/01/2018 Optical analysis of cylinder walls+

Optical analysis of cylinder walls is still a tricky one, especially with always new #honing technologies. 
Opto technology examines the surface finish of automotive engine #cylinders.
The data extracted assists in adjusting the process and maintaining the quality to reduce the CO2 emission to the benefit of our environment.

CI - news

Read more about our Cylinder Inspector

20/12/2017 The year comes to an end ...+

... and the last shipments will be sent.
Our inverted Autofocus Microscopes are a big success story and will be continued in our new Imaging Modules in 2018.

inverted Autofocus #Microscope
05/12/2017 Stäubli Fair in France+

Our daughter robSwiss has launched here at the Stäubli Fair in France the first AMM for dental implants and screws.

AMM dental  - news


Today it's time to control dental Implants, Screws and Abutments with the new AMM from robSwiss expecting many customers.

30/11/2017 Optical Zoom has still its place. Megapixel Cameras are still not that inexpensive and you can`t buy Aperture with only Pixels. +

An optical Zoom system is still necessary for changing magnifications without a great loss of resolution. Resolution is defined by the Aperture of the system and Aperture is still dependent on the optics not on the Camera. Megapixel Cameras are also not that inexpensive that you can cover a 7x or 12x Magnification only in increasing the sensor size. Opto delivers all types of optical zooms for high demanding OEM and Integration Work. Especially for Micro detection and with motorized versions Opto must be your choice.

optical zoom - news
28/11/2017 10x Inverse Cellscope with Fluorescence for Integration in the new Imaging Module design.+

Opto is delivering, since decades modular digital Inverse Microscopes for machine Integrators in different versions. Phase Contrast, Fluorescence, DIC are only some techniques that we integrate in compact form factors. With our new designs of Imaging Modules we also integrate the camera and make it even more compact, with one wire plug and play.

Inverse Cellscope - News
24/11/2017 Working on a 266 Megapixel Image made with an Opto ImagingModule and our new PANO function+

For making high resolution Images from Time to Time with Standard Vision Equipment for 50k EUR is too much equipment and too expensive. Here the new Opto Imaging Modules with our PANO functionality gives you same results with much less end cheaper equipment. It works like the Pano function in your phone and creates multi megapixel Images. Here we have a 266 Megapixel Image of a gear and are able to image micrometer resolution.

ImagingModule and PANO function
22/11/2017 Crimpinspection with highest Megapixel Resolution+

Crimpinspection with highest Megapixel Resolution inverted or as straight version. Opto has Imaging Modules availabe for all Producers of microsectioning Analysis Stations. High precision #Microscopy for Integrators and Machine Builders.

The Visualization of Micrographs after cutting and polishing to etching is a key aspect for Quality Control of Crimps. Opto delivers plug and play Microscopes for with highest Megapixel Resolution inverted or as straight version. Opto has Imaging Modules available for all Producers of micro sectioning Analysis Stations. We deliver since decades high precision Microscopy for Integrators and Machine Builders.

microsectioning Analysis Stations
06/11/2017 NIDays Paris 2017+

Opto and our partner Alliance Vision welcome all to the NI days in Paris. Pleased to see that we are a Silver Alliance Partner to NI.

NIDays Paris 2017
03/11/2017 Usually a good idea is enough+

Another nice OEM Job for a machine integration that started with an idea and turned out to be an Inverse Contrast Microscope.

eine gute Idee
02/11/2017 OptoGroup - together we are strong+

Opto Module and SVS Camera in a robSwiss machine working hand in hand.

Imaging Modul und SVS Camera - AMM
02/10/2017 PRESS RELEASE - New UK Sales Manager+

In support of our expanding UK business, OptoGroup is pleased to announce the full time appointment of Grant Hurley as UK Sales Manager joining the Opto UK team at their facility in Daresbury UK.

Grant Hurley

In support of our expanding UK business, OptoGroup is pleased to announce the full time appointment of Grant Hurley as UK Sales Manager joining the Opto UK team at their facility in Daresbury UK.

Grant brings with him a wealth of experience gained over many years experience in microscopy sales and technical instrument servicing. In this role, Grant will be responsible for increasing sales of Opto’s expanding microscope accessories product families, along with other complimentary products including specialist microscopy systems and novel illumination components. Commenting on the appointment, OptoGroup CEO Markus Riedi stated “This appointment represents our ongoing commitment both to the UK market, and to further increasing the international footprint of our expanding microscope accessory business.  Grants experience is very well aligned both to the needs of the UK end user market, and our ongoing strategy to deliver unique inspection solutions to niche applications.”
Opto UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of OptoGroup GmbH & Co. KG located in Munich, Germany. Opto was established in 1980, and is a leading developer of novel optomechanical solutions based around microscopy for niche inspection applications and machine-embedded imaging. From its 50 strong team at its Munich headquarters, Opto services a fully international customer base of OEM machine builders and end users.

01/07/2017 Troubebox+

With High Speed Imaging on the road

The NEW TroubleBox from our daughter company allianceVision in a new design.



  • Live slow motion recording and playback of any high speed process
  • Portable, rugged, and easy to use
  • Advanced auto-triggering options for random event capture
  • Windows™ touchscreen interface
  • Ideal for troubleshooting, mainteneance and optimazatoiin of any high speed process.

Designed exclusively for heavy duty industrial use in either Trolly or Pelicase formats

09/05/2017 Control 2017+

With a view to Industry 4.0, OptoGroup is presenting a wide range of absolute novelties for smart production, process analysis and quality control under the motto Optic - Imaging - Automation at this year 's Control in Stuttgart.

Increase your efficiency and digitize your optical quality control with our imaging modules. For the first time we are showing the new imaging module PANO. It generates high-resolution, digital image data in the running process, fusing it into an overall image by means of "stitching" and enables a professional process control.

Imaging Module - PANO
26/01/2017 Newsletter to SPIE Photonics West+

​This year we will again be exhibiting at Photonics West in San Francisco. Join us at the world's largest trade fair for photonic technologies to hear about some of our exciting new products and developments in micro inspection!

Newsletter-Icon zur SPIE
01/09/2016 Opto and robSwiss cooperate+

The OptoGroup from Gräfelfing, will take over the majority of robSwiss from Lausanne, Switzerland, as of September 1, 2016.
From 01 October 2016, the new offices will be moved to Lonay (near Lausanne)

robSwiss Logo
01/08/2016 Opto is a sales partner of dhs pixel-fox®+

Pixel-fox® is the clever imaging package with a digital microscope camera and software - for recording, measuring, storing and documenting images.

25/04/2016 Control 2016+

From 26th to 29th April 2016, Opto will present a completely new measuring stand on the Control.
As a highlight, we can present our "new" Cleanalyzer to the specialist audience.

Cleanalyzer neu klein
21/10/2015 Miniaturizing Advanced Micro Imaging Technology for OEM Instrumentation+

Don't miss Markus Riedi, CEO of Opto at the AIA Life Science Conference San Diego Marriott Thursday, November 19, 2015.

Miniaturizing Advanced Micro Imaging

Complex bio and cellular imaging instrumentation does not need to be constrained by the cost and complexity of integrating a classical microscope. It is entirely possible to develop highly engineered,
miniaturized optomechanics, which are capable of delivering equal optical performance as a classical microscope but in an ultra-small, cost optimized package.

14/04/2015 Opto presents its new 3D CylinderInspector System at Control +

3D CylinderInspector enables nanometer analysis of honed cylinders

Launching at Control 2015, Opto presents its CylinderInspector 3D, enabling full 3D surface analysis to sub micron level. Smallest differences in height can be detected by white light interferometry.

CylinderInspector 3D - V1

Targeting lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, automotive manufacturers are constantly seeking ways in which to optimise engine technology. Opto´s CylinderInspector instrument has been the tool of choice for many car engine producers to analyse, optimise and monitor the finish of their honed cylinder surfaces. Launching at Control 2015, Opto presents its CylinderInspector 3D, enabling full 3D surface analysis to sub micron level. Based on a white light interferometric technique, CylinderInspector 3D now enables cylinder wall imaging of the smallest height differences down to nm scale. In addition, the instrument is able to provide perfect ‘classical´ optical inspection of honed surfaces in cast iron and aluminium, as well as detailed image analysis of different surface textures.

01/02/2015 Opto expands to Asia with the founding of Opto Asia Inc. in Hong Kong.+

Opto Asia is supported by our sales office in Singapore.

15/12/2014 Laser Fault Injection – Instrumentation for Smart Cards and Embedded Circuit testing+

Protecting integrated microchips against unauthorized access is one of the biggest challenges facing chip card and embedded chip manufacturers today. Increasingly, leading manufacturers are utilising ‚Laser Fault Injection´ techniques to test such circuits to the levels needed to maintain the security integrity of the chips.

Laser Fault Injection

Developing instrumentation enabling laser fault injection testing of such circuitry is an area Opto has specialised in for a number of years. Today, we are supplier of custom instrumentation to a number of leading international testing labs specialising in this highly advanced testing technology.

High accuracy injection of multiple lasers into optical systems is an area of excellence we have developed over many years here at Opto. The instrumentation required for this level of micro testing combines many elements of this expertise along with our core machine vision expertise.  It is this combination of skills which makes us unique, and your first partner for such technology!

13/10/2014 Opto acquires Alliance Vision+

Opto expands its market position in France

OptoGroup, located in Gräfelfing, Germany, has acquired a majority shareholding in the company Alliance Vision, located Montelimar, France, retroactive to the 1st of January 2014. Markus Riedi is appointed as CEO of Alliance Vision and will be responsible for finance and strategy.

Opto vs. Alliance Vision

Frédéric Nicaise remains responsible for local day to day operations, with a focus on sales and business development activities within France.

This acquisition further strengthens Opto´s market position in France in the field of standard optomechanical components, and brings added expertise to Opto and its subsidiary companies. Opto France, an existing OptoGroup company shall continue to focus on OEM solutions under the
management of Patrick Trannois.

Opto CEO Markus Riedi stated: „ This acquisition brings us closer to our target customers in the important French market; both with our machine vision lenses and our OEM and embedded micro-imaging capability. With the foundation of Opto France in 2008, and Opto UK Ltd in 2009, this
acquisition further demonstrates our commitment to meeting the demands of our local customer base with corresponding local expertise. Alliance Vision is a well established, leading provider of machine vision components with a rapidly expanding customer base. We are delighted to
welcome Frederic and his experienced team into the Opto family.

Customer advantages 

For existing Alliance Vision customers, all previous contacts remain the same. The familiar range of cameras, optics, illumination and software will be maintained, and shall now be complimented by Opto´s range of innovative optical components, being underpinned by its capability as a leading manufacturer of customised opto-electronic modules.

Together, this will enable Alliance Vision to continue its leading role in providing its French partners with complete vision solutions for niche applications, with maximum added value.

28/08/2014 Opto expands its dealer network in Europe and South America+

In support of increasing demand for its unique range of machine vision components, Opto GmbH is pleased to announce its appointment of a number of leading International distributors, deepening its representation across Europe and establishing new representation in its emerging territories.

In Germany and Austria, Opto´s range of Green Line Machine Vision products will be represented by Rauscher Bildverarbeitung GmbH based near Munich. With its strong focus on embedded systems, smart cameras and software, Rauscher offers expertise which is highly complimentary to Opto´s capability in developing specialist optomechanics for advanced vision applications,

Infaimon has for many years been a leader in the development of Machine Vision Solutions across Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Brasil. Representing Opto´s products and capability in these territories contributes to its heritage in delivering qualified service around components and emerging vision applications in industry and science.

In Switzerland, Opto is pleased to announce the appointment of its local partner FUJIFILM Switzerland AG, located in Dielsdorf near Zurich. As an established provider of vision components and solutions, Fujifilm will now be offering Opto´s complete range of Green Line Machine Vision products to its clientbase across Switzerland.

Weltkarte - Händler
14/08/2014 ISO-Certification+

Opto GmbH has been certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 as of July 11, 2014.


One of our leading initiatives here at Opto GmbH is to maintain an ongoing programme of improvement and quality control.

In respect of this, we are delighted to announce that on 11th July 2014, Opto GmbH has been officially awarded DIN-certification to

ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) and in addition,

ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System)

for the Development and production of opto-mechatronic imaging modules, components and systems.

06/05/2014 Streamline and enhance the microscope inspection and rework procedures in your manufacturing processes +

Our unique range of microscope inspection equipment and accessories focuses on improving ergonomics, inspection comfort, and increased inspection efficiency.

Many PCB rework and inspection procedures benefit from an angled or ‘oblique´ viewpoint through the microscope. For these applications, we offer 2 unique solutions.

Firstly, our Oblique Viewing Module, which fits to all major stereo microscopes, and which features an integrated LED ringlight, and 360° tilted viewing – perfect for angled solder joint inspection. Secondly we have our very popular Tilting Tables – lockable to any angle of tilt, and fully ESD compliant..

27/03/2014 Bi-telecentric QuadraMount objectives offer mounting advantages+

Complementing the superior optical performance of its already popular bi-telecentric lenses, Opto GmbH has introduced QuadraMount versions of its lenses, which incorporate a simple, but highly effective mounting and integration mechanism.

Quadra Mount Objektive

Bi- telecentric lenses from Opto are fully telecentric on both object and image side with zero perspective distortion. The new QuadraMount versions of these lenses feature a universal square profile enabling simple integration, minimal alignment setup, reliable fastening and wide compatibility to the standard aluminium profiles used in machine vision systems.

CEO Markus Riedi stated: "Our latest QuadraMount innovation enables simple, universal integration of our telecentric lenses to virtually any machine vision environment. With this innovative mounting solution, the lenses are far less sensitive to mechanical stress and vibration, and significantly simplify our customers alignment and setup procedures. Together, these features assist in eliminating measurement errors from the vision system, and make an Opto QuadraMount lens the perfect solution for high-precision measurements of precision components”

The Opto QuadraMount series comprises seven bi- telecentric C-mount lenses with magnifications ranging from 0.05x to 0.32x. This corresponds to object field sizes from a minimum of 20 x 15 mm to a field diameter of 186 mm. The lenses are suitable for sensor sizes up to 2/3".

The objectives have been shown at Laser China in Shanghai for the first time and will now be presented at the Control in Stuttgart as well as at the SMT Show in Nuremberg. Being a leading developer of optomechanical components and modules, Opto is able to provide complete OEM development, and lens customisation where required.

12/10/2013 Bi-telecentric measurement objectives made by Opto+

Following market demand Opto, the specialist for optomechanical solutions, offers now a own line of bi-telecentric lenses.

Bi-telezentrische Objektive

Telecentric lenses show no perspective errors and are a perfect match for measuring three-dimensional objects. Bi-telecentric lenses exceed this by offering sensor sided telecentricity.  This compensates imaging errors originating from misaligned camera sensors.

The bi-telecentric lenses of Opto are therefore ideal for measurements of high precision parts, offering an extended depth of field and a constant magnification over the whole field of view. In connection with a line laser it is optimal for 3D-digitalisation using laser triangulation.

This all comes with an excellent price/performance ratio.


The BTC line of bi-telecentric lenses starts with four models ranging from 0.05x to 0.2x magnification. This corresponds to field of views of minimum 32 x 24 mm to a maximum at 167 x 124 mm. Telecentricity and distortion are 0.08 % or even lower. The F-number for all objectives is 8. Opto is specialised in developing and producing custom optomechanical solutions, so customer requests for client-specific designs and requirements can quickly be dealt with.

27/08/2013 Miniaturised and embedded optomechanics for next generation biotechnology machinery+

In many of todays latest and emerging pharmaceutical, surgical, and biotechnology machines; imaging technology and the integration of highly advanced optomechanics are becoming more and more important.


Recent advances in the miniaturisation of traditional imaging technologies are now enabling machine builders to integrate the full functionality and raw imaging power of laboratory grade microscopes into their machines, but at a fraction of the cost and with none of the integration complexity.

Since 1980, Opto GmbH has been a world leader in the miniaturisation and industrial integration of traditional microscope technology, enabling machine builders and OEMs across many diverse high tech markets to integrate highly complex, miniaturised imaging functionality into their machinery. Opto´s headquarters are in Munich, Germany, with subsidiary offices in Liverpool, UK and Annecy, France.

Opto´s solutions are highly engineered devices, optimised to perform a very precise optical inspection function inside a machine, and consisting of microscope optics, mechanics and electronic elements. These modules and are integrated into Optos customers machines and provide those machines with specialist imaging and advanced microscopy functions.

Opto´s international customer base is largely comprised of machine building OEMs who are generally involved in leading edge technologies, and who are close to market leadership in their niches.  Opto´s customers are diverse, and cover semiconductor, industrial biological imaging, laser processing, credit card security, surgical microimaging and many others.

A common feature across all Opto´s customers is their need for their machines to capture perfect images of the samples and components which their machines process. In many cases, the objects which these customers need to image are challenging, and require specialist optical techniques and optimisation in order to be visualised effectively, consistently and with 100% reliability.  Such samples include human eyes (lasik eye surgery), arterial stents (coating thickness measurement), embryos (InVitro imaging) and many more.

Frequently, Opto is approached by a customer who has already designed most of their machine, and so any optomechanical module developed by Opto must integrate perfectly and seamlessly into the available space envelope of the clients machine. Furthermore, this design must be robust, reliable, and scalable to the volume production requirements of the customer.

An area in which Opto has gained significant heritage and expertise is in the area of surgical laser beam delivery specific to refractive eye surgery. During the last 10 years, Opto has been a supplier of surgical beam delivery modules which combine the stereo view of the surgeon with a perfectly coaxial delivery of the surgical beam to the patient. In developing this unique solution, Opto was able to very effectively create a solution which gave its client significant value added benefits.


Opto has also developed imaging modules which are integrated into the very latest benchtop timelapse in-vitro fertilization machinery. This module is comprised of a highly optimized miniaturised and inverted microscopic optical system, designed to capture perfect, high contrast images of embryos in their blastocyst stage for timelapse image capture. Due to its very small size, the Opto module is integrated directly inside the incubation chamber, meaning that the  embryos can remain safely inside their protected humidity environment for the critical gestation period without being disturbed. The module incorporates proprietary illumination and imaging techniques developed by Opto, and enables the customer to perform highly effective timelapse imaging which has resulted in significantly improved success rates in IVF treatments.

Until now, the micro-imaging performance required by such machine building clients often leads them to a single option – to integrate an expensive compound microscope into their machines. This can be prohibitive for a series of reasons. Firstly, the customer typically only requires a small portion of the functionality of the microscope, but is faced with paying the price for a complete system just to access that small part of its functionality. Secondly: size –such machines are optimised to their own dimensions and space envelope. Integrating a full size compound microscope into such a machine is a complex operation which can significantly increase the size and cost of a machine. Thirdly: technical risk. A compound microscope is a highly complex optical instrument in its own right, with many features and functions requiring specialist knowledge in order to operate and repair.  This creates a critical issue of support for the machine builder – especially if his main market is outside his domestic territory.

Miniaturised optical imaging modules from Opto can be found inside the machines of world market leaders in a wide variety of high technology applications including remote automated bacterial fluorescence microscopy, timelapse high throughput embryo processing, high throughput automated blood screening with fluorescence, DNA and RNA sequencing, intra ocular lens replacement surgical instrumentation.

01/03/2013 Precision optics for machine integration - Industrial microscopy+

Without reasonable optics, no clever picture. This applies to the direct observation with the eye, as for the automatic image evaluation by a camera system. Particularly for image processing (BV), the generation of a good image by optimally coordinated camera, optics and illumination makes processing very easy or sometimes even possible. In this subject, aspects of image acquisition are presented and application examples are presented ...


Eyeglasses know exactly that they can see badly with a wrong glasses. Here not only the diopters but also the optical axes, antireflection coatings, progressive lenses and possibly (automatic) tints must be considered. Quite apart from the fact that one needs good light for seeing.

There are therefore many aspects to consider when integrating optics into machines. To make matters worse, many aspects influence each other or even have the opposite effect. This requires a great deal of experience with the combination of optical and mechanical components as well as a good incorporation in typical industrial tasks which the company Opto has already proven many times.

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