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04. October 2022

Grid projection for counting Cells

OptoViewer description “Grid”

- The free OptoViewer 2.0 allows the projection of a digital grid into the live image
- Color and width of the grid could be adjusted easily
- The image together with the grid could be stored
- Transmitted light functionality enables the imaging of transparent samples like:
• Microfluidic Chips
• Pathology slides
• Petri dishes
• Well plates

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Technical Specifications 

  • WD:                   3.6 mm
  • Magnification:  20 x
  • Image:               Colour
  • Frames:             36 fps
  • Lighting:            Transmitted Light white
  • Sensor:               5.04 MP
  • Connection:       USB3.1 Gen. 1 Type C
  • Dimension:         W140 x L193 x H40 mm
  • Order-Nr.            IP10-08x03CU5101



                           Human Blood smear                                                                          Digital zoom, perfect for counting


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