Test & Measurement

To measure the Micron you always need good performance optics to visualize the smallest details. You will find exactly the Imaging Module here for:

- Metallography (Hardess Testing, Crimp Analysis, ...)

- Inside Measurement Machines

- Micro Assembly Control

- All Industry 4.0 Applications


The Analysis of welding results is a typical challenge of Metallography labs.

The Machine Vision Microscope with Coaxial Light and with Ring Light is perfect for Micro weld inspection.

One Plug and play Digital Microscope. No change of Equipment.

- Magnification: 3,75x,

- FoV: 2,2x1,8mmWD 36mm

- 5MP Sony IMX264 monochrome

- USB 3.1, 0.9 µm/Pixel

With the free OptoViewer it is also possible to execute pre calibrated measurements easily.

Hardness Testing (Vickers & Brinell)

Hardness Testing

Micro Hardness Testing needs high end optical microscopy images.
Opto is delivering since years Imaging Modules in existing Machinery.

solino can principally disrupt this business because:

- with solino we can detect micro indents on a big surface, by analyzing the reflections

- It is possible to identify the position of a μm size Indent, on big area with a standard camera

- solino analyses anomalies and offers reliable info about an indent of the object surface

- This makes the vision setup independent from the object surface or ambient light conditions

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