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Opto GmbH

World Class Optomechatronics Prototypes to Series

Machine Vision Objectives

In this catalogue you will find a selection of our optical components for use in a wide range of machine vision applications.

Microscope Accessories

At Opto, we have specialised in the design and manufacture of high quality microscope mechanics and accessories for over 40 years.


Imaging Modules

Plug & Play Imaging Hardware for Integrators and Machine Manufacturers

Machine Vision Microscope

IM•series digital microscope for measuring instruments, analysis systems or bio-imaging systems


Reflection analysis detects all "defects" on surfaces

Portable microscope

Opto's portable microscope is designed to handle the most demanding on-site examinations.


Non-contact inspection of cylinder bore surfaces Adaptable to different bore diameters - 360° all-round view


Precise measurement, analysis and documentation of filter particles

Laser Fault Injection

for Smart Card Testing

Oblique Viewing Module

Our oblique viewing module enables a tilted view of your sample, with full 360 degree viewing around an object or feature, simply by pivoting the module.

Tilting Table

Three dimensional objects often benefit from a specific angle of view in order to reveal key details.

Telecentric Objectives

No perspective Error for Measurement Applications with Bi-telecentric Objectives

Jointed Couplers

Jointed Couplers are used for precise attachment of accessories, such as illumination accessories or filters to optical equipment.




Optomechanics for Biotechnology Machinery


Application note

Micro Measurement Microscope 4.0

Imaging module as a finished system. The new ultra-compact digital micro measuring microscope from Opto is the perfect tool for on-site measurements in production.

Application note for integrators

Digital Microscope- and intelligent Vision Sensors for integrators and machine builders


Data sheets

IM•series compact M - Digital Microscope

The new Machine Vision Microscope (MVM) is a purely digital microscope with all the features that make a microscope.

IM•series linea M

Plug & Play digital Microscopes with fixed Magnification. Pre-calibrated and Measurement ready.

IM•series linea S

Small variant of the linea M - without lighting

IM•stand light

Our IM-stand light is specially designed for the Imaging Modules. As a classic - stationary - tripod it takes up little space and is best suited for single workstations. But these stands are also foldable, for workstations that need to be flexible

Calibration Target Micro V2

Calibration Target Micro V2 is unique in that it combines very useful resolution data, combined with ultra-high definition micro features, together enabling efficient and accurate optimization of any optical setup.

Calibration Target Micro with honing angle

In contrast to the Target Micro V1, the Calibration Target Mico with honing angle in the 4th quadrant contains a 30° honing angle incl. certificate.

Particle Standard Target

Particle Standard Target allow the calibration of measurement functions in microscopes through objects in different forms and sizes or of resolution of an optical system measured in Line Pairs per mm.

Resolution Test Target

Test targets (also called test charts, test samples or resolution test patterns) are used to determine the efficiency of optical systems. They are used to determine resolution, MTF, depth of field, distortion and telecentricity.

Stage micrometer

The stage micrometer is a helpfull tool for calibration purposes. - 50 mm glass scale in 0.1 mm and 0.01 mm

DualStation Leica M80

Stereo Microscope Stand and Inverse Microscopewith Leica M80 Two high resolution magnification ranges in one scope

DualStation Platform

Stereo Microscope Stand and Inverse Microscope

CylinderInspector | Quicktest with Ocular

The CylinderInspector QuickTest was developed for inspecting running surfaces of cylinder. The surface structure can be inspected with an eyepiece.

CylinderInspector | Quicktest with C-Mount

The CylinderInspector QuickTest was developed for inspecting running surfaces of cylinder. The surface structure can be inspected by means of a USB camera on screen.

Inverse optical Imaging Module

For instant micro-imaging of a wide variety of samples, Opto offers its bench-integrated inverse imaging unit.

Telecentric test bench

The combination of a Bi-telecentric lens and a collimated telecentric illuminator ensures optimised resolution and perfect image quality.

Portable Microscope with Trinocular Tube

IM•Stands light

Opto's IM-stands light are particularly designed for Imaging Modules.

Track Stand

This simple stand-alone solution was particularly designed for easy handling.

Extended Arm Stand

With Opto's Extended Arm Stand, the microscope can be effortlessly moved across the entire work surface and fixed in place - even across the work surface.

Mobile Floor Stand

For very large samples, or where samples cannot be easily moved, the Microscope needs to be portable. Our Mobile Floor Stand perfectly combines mobility and stability even at high magnifications and long working distances.


The LEDrive with integrated ring light and 5/8 "pin adapter is specially designed for the efficient and ergonomic use of a stereomicroscope to make handling even easier and more flexible

LED Ring Light ID=35 mm

Our ring lights featuring up-to-date LED technology and operate without a fan and are therefore vibration-free.

Jointed Coupler

Jointed Couplers are used for precise attachment of accessories, such as illumination accessories or filters to optical equipment.

Focus Drive OC - Coarse | Fine

For objectives with magnification up to 50x. One combined focus drive for coarse and fine alignment. Scale on knob with 100 sections.

Focus Drive C - Coarse

Focus Drive C with wide range of use, based on adaption to multiple columns and microscope carriers.

Focus Drive OP - Coarse | Fine

Heavy duty with better than 1μm resolution and repeatability through 50 mm travel. Scale on knob with 100 sections.

Bi-telecentric objective


Bi-telecentric objective


Bi-telecentric objective


Bi-telecentric objective


Bi-telecentric objective


Bi-telecentric objective


Quadra Mount objective

The new QuadraMount versions are equipped as standard with a 4-sided flat profile, enabling easy installation and setup.

Distortion-free Mega Pixel Macro Lenses

When developing this series of macro lenses, the focus was on imaging small objects with high resolution and very low distortion.


5x/1.25x coax

Magnetic coupler for micro lenses

Magnetic Coupler – Change Micro Objectives Easily

Gliding Stage

100x 100 mm

Gliding Stage with glass plate

100 x100 mm

Manual Stage

25 x 25 mm

Manual Stage with glass plate

25 x 25 mm

Manual Stage

50 x 50 mm

Manual Stage with glass plate

50 x 50 mm

Digital Stage

25 x 25 mm



Portable Stand

for Leica DMS 300/300

Granite stand

mit ergonomischer Schwenksäule

Scan Stand - Standard, XL

For "stitching" applications with Leica stereomicroscopes

Drive Extension 100 mm to Column M-Series Research

If you need an enlarged working area, simply extend your M-Series column by 100 mm with our drive extension.

Extension Tube

M-Series 155mm Parallel; 1.0x

Extension Tube

MZ 220mm 1.0x

Filter Slider for Leica M-Series

The Slider filter lets you switch between the neutral density filter and a free field that can be used for a second filter.

Objective Slider for Stereo-Microscopes

This lens slider allows quick change of two different lenses. This allows you to quickly change two lenses with different focal lengths.

Dual-Camera Coupler

Dual-Camera Coupler 1x for Leica Ergo Tube HC

Adapter Leica M-Series Research to column Routine

Connecting stereo M125-165-205 with column M50-60-80 series or Opto focus drive OP

Extension for Leica Column 'Routine'

The drive extension is available in different sizes / distances: 15, 27, 52, 72, 104, 124, 144 mm

Image erection ZAB for Leica DM Microscope

The two-axis image erection module ZAB displays the image in both axes side-correct in the eyepiece and on monitor.


M60x1 - M60x1 Compatible with M50, M60 and DMS 1000

Ringlight Adapter ID58-AD80 mm

Ringlight Adapter for Leica LED 5000 HDI

Filter Module for Leica M-Series

Available with all common longpass, lowpass, bandpass and notch filters

Long working distance Objective M600

The Long working distance Objective M600 is especially designed for Leica stereo microscopes. Depending on the lens, you can extend your working distance up to 1200 mm.

Protection Glass Holder

Adapter to ring light Leica LED 5000 and compatible to stereo objectives with diameter 80 mm.

Objective Adapter

We offer different lens adapter depending on the microscope. M50 x 1 and M65 x 1,5

Objective protection for LED3000

Many stereo microscopy applications such as solder rework or bio sample processing can result in debris or unwanted contamination being deposited directly onto the objective lens.

Eyepiece Protection

The eyepiece cover serves as an effective dust protection and reduces light transmission from eyepiece into camera beam path



ISO 9001 Zertifikat - deutsch

ISO 9001 certificate - english



Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (Reach Regulation)

RoHS Regulation Opto GmbH

RoHS Directive 201 1/65/EU and Delegated Directive 201 5/863/EU



OptoViewer 1.3 for Windows

Please note that prior registration or login is required to download the 'Opto Viewer'.


IM•series linea S, M & compact M




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